Fabrication of protein is their primary task.

Although the bacterial expression system is most popular for expressing a protein, this system has some intrinsic defects. Many of the eukaryotic expressed proteins are not properly folded and they tend to aggregate into inclusion bodies. Protein folding and unfolding have been extensively studied but data about the efficiency of in vitro folding is rather limited. If your expressed protein is aggregated into inclusion bodies, please consider using alternative expression systems, such as insect or mammalian systems.

In prokaryotes, DNA are shown in plasmids and nucleoid.

The Differences among Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukaryotic Microorganisms

Prokaryote cell replicates by binary fission.

It deals with the immune system, a complex organ that produces both cells and proteins involved in detecting and destroying foreign molecules and microorganisms (the 'non-self').

Eukaryotes: The Wonders of Each

This turnover processes can be characterized by specific half-life values that for most proteins, membranes, and RNA (but not DNA structures) are measured in hours.

Proteins fabricated by this type are utilized for biological processes inside the cell.

Eukaryotic cells have often several to several dozen chromosomes.

Protein expression is induced by the addition of the proper inducer or by changing the growth conditions. From this point on the cells will use most of their resources for the production of the target protein and will not grow much further.

Eukaryotes differ from prokaryotes.

Loreni F , Mancino M and Biffo S (2014) Translation factors and ribosomal proteins control tumor onset and progression: how? Oncogene 33: 2145–2156.

Introns interrupt exons, the protein coding parts of genes.

60S comprises 5S subunit of RNA (almost 120 nucleotides) along with units of 28S RNA (almost 4700 nucleotides), subunit of 5.8S (close to 160 nucleotides) and ~49 units of protein.

Membrane-bound RibosomesMembrane-bound categories are formed by ribosome-synthesized protein.

Bacteria are also prokaryotic organisms.

Jan 5, 2014. A collection of Protein Synthesis Animation videos, that cover the full protein synthesis. DNA Transcription, Translation and Folding Animation. Jan 7, 2015. This 3D animation shows how proteins are made in the cell from the information in the DNA code. Probably the best video on YouTube about this. it is ribosome not mRNA which moves in translation. ribosome moves along. Protein Synthesis and the Lean, Mean Ribosome Machines - Duration.

Proteins fabricated through these are utilized in cells or eliminated through exocytosis.

FunctionProtein synthesis originates in ribosomes.

This barrier is overcome by the placement of membrane proteins penetrating the fatty acid core of the membrane and forming channels and transport pathways for metabolites.

Ribosomes in Eukaryotes are 80S, where each one comprises 40S (small) and 60S (large) subunits.

give me anote of organisation of dna in eukaryotic genome

50S further comprises 5S subunit of RNA(comprising almost 120 nucleotides) along with subunits of 23S RNA (almost 2900 nucleotides) and 34 protein subunits.