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This course uses a multi-disciplinary approach to policy and management in both the healthcare and the public health systems. Students will learn the organization, financing, and delivery of services within these systems as well as their legal and ethical bases. Students will also develop skills in program planning, development, budgeting, and evaluation; in strategic planning; in ensuring community health safety and preparedness; and in quality improvement initiatives. A central theme of the course is the accessibility and outcomes of care for urban and immigrant populations.

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The overall goal of the course is to give the student experience in applying maternal and child health knowledge and skills in an off-campus public health setting. The experience is a planned, supervised, and evaluated internship that takes place in one of a variety of agencies or organizations, including community-based organizations and governmental departments.

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This course is focused on centering personal wellness inside and outside of the classroom. As emerging public health practitioners, we are often focused on population health. However, public health promotion and disease prevention is not only the responsibility of macro-institutions. Health is created and experienced by individuals and communities within the settings of our everyday lives—where we live, work, learn, play, pray, and love. If we are personally stressed, anxious, depressed, or fatigued, can we consider how that might impact our conceptions and pursuit of greater physical, mental, spiritual, and community health and wellness? As the adage from the 1960s Second-Wave Feminist Movement goes, ‘the personal is political.’ This course presents the creative arts as tools to promote health and to manage the effects of illness, stress, and trauma. Students will practice critical reading, critical analysis, and creative writing exercises and engage in activities to unlearn and heal oppressive attitudes and behaviors, improve mental and physical health, and promote healthy development. Concepts, such as the life course perspective, cultural humility, public health critical race praxis, intersectionality, and social capital, will be introduced side-by-side with reading and writing works of poetry, memoir, and fiction. Finally, the students will work in groups to study a health issue and produce a creative work and presentation on the topic.

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Introduction to Global Public Health through discussion of global public health issues in different geo-political settings, of health dynamics and their impact on global health, and the role of public health in implementing interventions.

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This course explores the basic tenets of bioethics along with basic principles of laws pertaining to public health. Practical applications of these foundational principles will be explored and demonstrated using actual cases, real-life scenarios requiring critical thinking and other assignments which call upon a student’s ability to balance established rules and accepted practices with their personal opinions. Throughout the course distinctions will be made between health law and public health law and the relevance to various professional practices will be delineated. Contemporary challenges in health care and public health delivery, especially in urban settings that address immigrant issues, will be emphasized. The students will emerge from the course with a better understanding of the legal milieu in which we must function. Students also will be better prepared to enter public health-related practice with a basic understanding of bioethical principles relevant to contemporary challenges in public health and health care practice.

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This course helps prepare the student for a public health career to improve maternal and child health globally or locally. Part of this hybrid course will take place asynchronously on-line. Case studies from around the world will be the basis for critical analysis of current policies and of the evidence base for successful interventions. Typical issues for study include maternal mortality, contraception, safe abortion, female genital cutting, child survival, stillbirths, refugee populations, birth outcomes among immigrants to the US, sex trafficking, and toxic environmental exposures to women and children. All students will participate in a service-learning project related to the course content.