Simpkins mentioned that "real life" is the "Real magic" (152)....

The worldview of Realism is one of an immanent perspective; meaning that what is significant in life already exists in the present world, not in the existential imaginary (lecture, w1)....

I have learned that magical realism is not considered a fairy tale.

Magical Realism is even rivaling some of the great masterpieces of modern and past literature.

These techniques reinforce the theme, of which is unrequited love.

, 2014. The Myths of Fear in Realism:Morgenthau, Waltz and Mearsheimer Reconsidered. Thesis (Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)). University of Bath.

“The Little Heidelberg” is the story of a small dance hall.

Critics and proponents of realism unanimously proclaim that fear is conceptually, theoretically and logically essential to the realist school of thought. In this dissertation, these propositions are tested by examining the importance of this primary emotion in the classical realism of Hans Morgenthau, the defensive realism of Kenneth Waltz and the offensive realism of John Mearsheimer. The findings indicate that fear is not conceptually or theoretically significant to either Morgenthau or Waltz. Logically, the inclusion of this emotion is not only redundant but counterproductive in all of the examined theories, especially in that of Mearsheimer. This being so, even though the level of fear is afforded a central conceptual and theoretical role in his offensive realism. As such, this thesis challenges the conventional wisdom in the literature regarding the relationship between realism and fear and exposes the myths that pervades the field on this issue.

Someday Magical Realism will be recognized and respected just as the classics are today.

Historically, American Realism often appears as

It is likely that most people are completely confused when confronted with this subject, but after they read a few papers on magical realism, it becomes a little clearer.

I still wonder what it really is.

I do know that before a person gets into this idea of magical realism, he or she really has to have a big imagination and willingness to learn about it.

an expression of moral or psychic exhaustion caused by the Civil War;

In Europe and North America, the Realistic period occurs in the late 1800s (after in the late 1700s-early 1800s) and prevails until the early 20th century and.

a reflection of the nation's urbanization and industrialization.

Realism's attention to socio-economic class may reflect the Gilded Age when, as in contemporary America, increasing concentrations of wealth replaced the "common-man" politics of the Romantic era.

According to Franz Roh, in painting, is the way a person views the world through art (18, 20).

The story was published in 1934.

The author, Laura Esquivel, uses it to show the main themes Like Water for Chocolate Commentary One of the main aspects in the novel Like Water for Chocolate is magical realism.

I also learned that there are many different definitions for magical realism.

Realism = here and now; "get used to it"; "it is what it is"

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Amaryll Chanady feels that magical realism is focused more toward reality.

Specific literary & historical comparisons of Romanticism & Realism

The papers that Amaryll Chanady, Luis Leal, Angle Flores, Franz Roh, and Scott Simpkins wrote have been helpful in studying the history and theory of magical realism.