Walker "64 Patches for D-50/Vol.1"

Obviously aware of the impact sampling was having in the market, Roland were aware that loading long multi-samples was inconvenient so what they did was to replace the standard sawtooth and square waveforms of their previous analogue synths with short samples of real instruments (albeit low resolution and 'crunchy') in ROM that could be recalled instantly. Memory at the time was horrendously expensive and so, to economise, the D50 offered two distinct types of sampled waveforms - one-shot and looped.

Includes the Roland XV-5080 / XV-3080 / XV-88 and XV-5050.

The Roland D50 synth was one of those products that re-defined the musical landscape as we know it.

Roland S50 samples are also available.

Theydelivered it with two preloaded soundbanks (see below) programmed byOliver Schwarz placed into "Internal X" and "Internal Y"additional soundbanks (the common internal memory contained in fact theRoland PN-D50-00 internal factory soundbank).

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Anotherparticularity from this mega card is that there were two specificmodels: one for the D-50 (labeled D 50 Sound Controller) and one forthe D-550 (labeled D550 Sound Controller).

While not the official Roland manual it can provide you with important info on operating the TR-505.
Hecommercialized five D-50 ROM cards distributed by Roland Benelux andgathering his own programmations (many thanks to him for hiscontribution).

Roland D-50 sounds on modern synths? : synthesizers

Import/Export Roland S330, S550 & S50 disks andMIDI sample transfer support Fully working version can be downloaded fora 15 day trial period.

Roland D-50 sounds on modern synths?

The Roland D-50 is a polyphonic 61-key synthesizer produced by Roland and released in 1987

Roland D50, Music Technology, May 1987 ..