Tyler graduated with honors from the Preparatory School.

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The H.B.S in Biology is a collaboration between the Honors College and the Biology Department to reward students.
The MCB Honors program offers outstanding seniors the opportunity for recognition of their research through presentation and a thesis.

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In some cases, Biology Biology Honors Program.
BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT HONORS TRACKDESCRIPTION: The Biology Department provides the opportunity for highly qualified students to graduate with Departmental.
EBIO student's Honors Thesis submissions from past years are archived here with abstracts from the student's respective papers.

In 1960 -'61, Pre-University courses for science students was introduced by Calcutta University and continued till 1964 – '65.

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These guidelines are intended to provide an outline to help students organize, write.
Biology Thesis 4907/4908 Further Questions Please contact Ruth Hill-Lapensee, Biology Undergraduate Administrator Office: 209B NB Tel: (613).
Undergraduate Honors in Biological Sciences.

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The Department of Chemistry has, over the years, upgraded its infrastructure slowly and steadily so that it may be in a position to commence post-graduate teaching in the near future. The other Science departments such as Physics, Microbiology and Mathematics have already started with PG programmes at this College and Chemistry Department certainly finds itself eager to join them. Being the largest of the Science departments, and being equipped with resources in terms of requisite manpower and facilities, the young group of qualified, committed and dedicated faculty of the Chemistry Department are quite enthusiastic and supportive about starting Post Graduate teaching. Infrastructural facilities and manpower resources, both in terms of departmental faculty and non-teaching members, need to be upgraded in order to launch a full-fledged Post Graduate course within the campus, exclusively for women Chemistry (Honours) graduates. The Department believes that such an advance course should certainly be started, given the availability of infrastructural facilities and additional faculty members.

H196 students.Writing an Honors Thesis describing their Research Results; Papers Published by Biology Honors Students.

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Students may apply for the honor, Distinction in Biology, if they have a major GPA of 3.25 or greater and they complete complete an honors thesis.

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Allen University Honors students have excelled in high school and seek out academic challenges. We welcome entering students who have had AP classes, a GPA of 3.25 or higher, and ACT scores of 21 or higher to apply.

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At present the department enrolls 32 students per year. The department boasts of high percentage of scholastic performance by its students almost every year, students rank among themselves in the first twelve students of the University. Maximum number of students after completing their undergraduate courses enroll themselves in postgraduate studies in different Universities. The students however, always maintain their high scholastic achievements and quite a number of them have secured eminent posts and high position in India and abroad.