Summary of some key points in photosynthesis

A typical example of technical DDT had the followingconstituents: p,p' -DDT, 77.1%; o,p' -DDT, 14.9%; p,p' -TDE, 0.3%; o,p' -TDE, 0.1%; p,p' -DDE, 4%; o,p' -DDE, 0.1%; and unidentifiedproducts, 3.5%.

Rather, these areexamples from different groups of organisms.

The acuteoral and dietary toxicities of DDT, DDE, and TDE to birds aresummarized in Table 6.

Results on eggshell thinningare summarized in Table 7.

Thelow concentration factor quoted in Table 2 for earthworms, for example,reflects the high exposure rather than a low capacity for uptake andretention of DDT, because concentration factors are simple ratiosbetween "exposure" and final concentration in the organism.

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The reversibility of some effects once exposure ceases has been reported, as well as the development of resistance.5.1.1 Short-term and long-term toxicity The short-term toxicity to aquatic invertebrates is summarized inTable 3.

The uptake and accumulation of DDT and its metabolites intoorganisms, as determined in controlled laboratory experiments, issummarized in Table 2.

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