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The fault scarps are very young, and it is likely they are actively forming today. Based on current modeling, peak crustal stresses are reached when the moon is furthest from the Earth in its orbit (at apogee). If the faults are still active, the occurrence of shallow moonquakes related to movement on the faults may be most frequent when the moon is at apogee. This hypothesis could be tested with a lunar seismic network.

bEarth’s size is definitely expanding

What could possibly cause this massive increase in the size of the Earth?

cthe magnetic minerals in rocks disruptEarth’s magnetic field

The recognition of such a connection helpedconfirm the seafloor-spreading hypothesis by pin-pointing the zones whereHess had predicted oceanic crust is being generated (along the ridges) andthe zones where oceanic lithosphere sinks back into the mantle (beneaththe trenches).

34The model ofEarth’s interior is inferred from

Furthermore, optical SETI may soon allow us to map an expanding area of the galactic habitable zone we may call the galactic transcension zone, an inner ring that contains older transcended civilizations, and a missing planets problem as we discover that planets with life signatures occur at a much lower frequencies in this inner ring than in the remainder of the habitable zone.

Professor Carey preferred new mass being generated within the Earth in his book,

Alfred Wegener and the hypothesis of continental drift

David Brin, a careful thinker on the Fermi paradox and author of the first broad review the topic (1983) notes that Biker Gangs and other groups on Earth are cheerfully happy to contravene any social standard, and they are a good analogy for why the transcension hypothesis could never hold in every case.

Developing the theory [This Dynamic Earth, USGS]

Yet if morality and immunity are developmental processes, if they arise inevitably in all intelligent collectives as a type of positive sum game (Ridley 1998, Wright 1997, 2000), they must also grow in force and extent as each civilization’s computational capacity grows.

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When one electron shell is filled, electrons begin to fill shells farther from the nucleus. For the simplest atoms it works that way, but for larger atoms, particularly those of metallic elements, electrons fill shells in more complex fashion and electrons begin to fill subshells not necessarily in the shell closest to the nucleus. When an electron is unpaired or in an unfilled shell, it can be a electron, which can form bonds with other atoms. In most circumstances, only unpaired electrons form bonds with other atoms. Electron bonds between atoms provide the basis for chemistry and life on Earth.

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is complex, but the preceding presentation is largely adequate for this essay’s purpose, while it can be helpful to be aware that the physics behind FE and antigravity technologies will probably render the Standard Model obsolete. If FE, antigravity, and related technologies finally come in from the shadows, the elusive may come with them, and the Unified Field might well be consciousness, which will help unite the scientist and the mystic, and . But that understanding is not necessary to relate the story that White Science tells today of how Earth developed from its initial state to today’s, when complex life is under siege by an ape that quickly spread across the planet like a cancer once it achieved the requisite intelligence, social organization, and technological prowess.

If the Earth and moon are both shrinking that's another hypothesis.

If developmental processes are the dominant component of transcension, we should expect the galactic transcension zone to be well defined, and transcensions to occur in an orderly fashion within the zone, with a normal or log-normal distribution in space, time, and other phenotypic parameters at the outward-growing edge of the zone.