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This paper gives the detailed list of effects caused by the power plants mainly on coal fired, nuclear and hydroelectric power plants, their adverse effects on environment and in turn human life.

Key words: power plants, coal, nuclear, human habitation

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In this paper we will analyze the performance of CTP in static and mobile environment.

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Neelesh Shrivastava and his group
6) Environmental status report of Chandrapur- Maharashta Pollution Control Board- A major source of inspiration to carry out the analysis work.
7) Guidelines for Water Quality MonitoringCentral Pollution Control Board, India
8) WHO's Drinking Water Standards

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After analysis it has been observed that ground water quality of most of the zones are not suitable for drinking water and deteriorates from rainy to winter season due to increase in microbial activity thereby highlighting the major issue of drinking water availability and measures to be adopted due to growing industrialization and unhealthy human activities.

Key words: Ground water, Physico- Chemical characteristics, Pollution, Water Quality Index

1) Report on Environment Action Plan of Chandrapur by Pollution Control Board
2) Indian standard drinking water, Specification (First Revision) IS-10500:1991.

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focused on applying its phenotyping technologies to accelerate the pharmaceutical discovery and development process and enable the precise diagnosis and personalized treatment of disease."SuNyx"Functional surfaces with optimised wetting and optical properties are the core technology of SuNyx Surface Nanotechnologies, a recent spin-off of the Bayer Corporation."SUSS MicroTecmanufacturer and supplier of precision microelectronics equipment for the manufacturing and R&D environments.

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leader in the development of carbon nanotube-based membrane electrode assemblies (MEA's)."Pars Environmental NanoFeTM remediation technology for soils and groundwater.

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Mukesh Sharma and Shaily Maloo 2005:Assessment of ambient air PM10 and PM2.5and Characterization of PM10 in the city of Kanpur, India Atmospheric EnvironmentVolume 39, Issue 33, 6015-6026

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Thus implementating GIS and RS for better production of the crops as well as land use/land cover change detection can be achieved.

Key words: Classification, Crop acreage and yield estimation, Precision farming, RS and GIS, Soil mapping

[1] Meliadis Ioannis, Miltiadis Meliadis, Multi-temporal Landsat image classification and change analysis of land cover/use in the Prefecture of Thessaloiniki, Greece, Proceedings of the International Academy of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, 1(1): 15-25, 2011.
[2] D.K.