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The fact that one forth of the students faced a negative change and as it can be seen in the category table one third of the students said that replication of DNA is needed in protein synthesis points out that students had significant difficulties while learning these concepts.

Process of protein biosynthesis

Student 46’s views on protein synthesis as follows:

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In the dialogs given above many of the students stated that they did not hear or did not know primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary proteins. It was detected trough observations that these concepts were not touched upon during the instruction. As result of this insufficient learning of these concepts, it can be argued that functionalisation, denaturalization and renaturalisation of the proteins cannot be conceptualized. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that these concepts have a significant role in learning of protein synthesis and their transformation into a secretion or a functional structure in a cell.

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When both the category table and the conceptual change graphic are generally examined it can be claimed that the instruction was successful to some extent. The increase in the scientifically acceptable answers of the students and its continuity after six month shows the positive aspects of the traditional teaching methods used for the instruction. It has been observed that there had been a quantitative as well as qualitative increase in scientifically acceptable answers of the students. Because while no scientifically acceptable answer could be found among the answers given to the pre-test there were 12.5 and 19.3% these kind of answers among the answers given to the post and the delayed post-tests, respectively. Moreover, for the pre-test 6.8% and for the post-test 4.5% of the students who managed to put in correct order but offered some wrong explanations did not give the same answers for the delayed post test. This can be explained by the affects of the subjects learned after protein synthesis since it can be argued that students might have developed new references by the subjects learned afterwards. For this reason there might be corrections in some wrong learning.

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In this study it has been analyzed how students conceptual understanding levels on proteins and protein synthesis have changed throughout education in order to provide a better education for science teacher candidates and it has been emphasized what should be done to correct the flaws occurred during the process.

The transcription stage of protein synthesis.

It is found out that although during the instruction it is emphasized that in protein synthesis DNA is not replicated some students keep their previous knowledge. Here is the dialog with student 53:

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According to the answers he gave during the interview student 46 thinks that piece of DNA is carried by mRNA that is why DNA needs to be replicated. It is thought that he has an inaccurate learning about how mRNA synthesis is done. He thinks that as if there is a code in DNA and this code is carried to a region where there had been an mRNA before. Moreover, because he does not or cannot know that RNA cannot synthesis itself he guesses that rRNA syntheses mRNA. In the light of these results it can be argued that the students have important deficiencies on nucleic acid knowledge and these create misconceptions that make difficult for him to understand protein syntheses.

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This student thinks that new piece formed after replicating of DNA is transferred into mRNA and offers contradictory explanations about later steps of protein synthesis. Student 61 had alternative ideas on why DNA should be replicated. He said that DNA is replicated partially from a side and one of the newly formed pieces is transferred into mRNA in one way or other and mRNA carries out protein synthesis in ribosome. This student while stating that during the protein synthesis DNA should be replicated he offered no explanation about the replication of DNA during the cell division in all three tests.