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There are some reports that-based speech synthesizers can be run on recent versions ofthe emulator.

An Introduction to text-to-speech synthesis

The iflytek corpus appears to be heavily dependent on , and it is not possible to synthesize from alone. It is sometimespossible by means of CSSML to add pinyin to the characters todisambiguate between multiple possible pronunciations, but thisdoes not always work. The spaced-interval repetitionlanguage-practice program includes a utilitythat attempts to turn arbitrary pinyin into CSSML that will bespoken correctly in SpeechPlus, by choosing Chinese characters thatare most likely to be given the required pronunciation bySpeechPlus (taking its quirks into account), but this utilityrecommends that every phrase synthesized is systematically testedand a backup synthesizer be used for phrases that are not spokencorrectly, since it is possible for the resulting sound to containsyllables that are totally different from the pinyin input. Gradintnow recommends the use of Lily (see below) instead ofSpeechPlus.

A Short Introduction to Text-to-Speech Synthesis

Concatenation with a larger amount of recorded data (about 500Megabytes), along with other undisclosed methods, is apparentlyused by NeoSpeech's voices "Lily" and "Wang", whichcan, in most cases, reliably synthesize awkward phrases providedthey are added to the dictionary properly anddoes not suffer from the severe inflexibility and forced joins ofsimpler concatenation-based synthesis.

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Voice RSS - Text-to-speech (TTS) Overview

In this work, we achieve the goal of synthesizing spontaneous speech by generating pronunciation variations.

This research aims to: 1) importing transformation function into Hidden Markov Model (HMM) to model pronunciation variations, and 2) predicting pronunciation using Decision Tree (DT).

Research Method

This approach proposed a systematic way to employs the Hidden Markov model (HMM), a multi-dimensional linear regression model, as the transformation function to model the relationship between read speech and the corresponding spontaneous speech with syllable contraction.

Text-to-speech (TTS) Overview: Speech ..

Mac OS had Chinese speech synthesizers available up to version9. This was initially removed in earlier versions of Mac OS X butit has been re-introduced starting with the release 10.5 (Leopard),embedded in the built-in VoiceOver application

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Text-to-Speech synthesis using syllable-like units

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Speech Synthesis Algorithm of Co-articulation Based on …

Semantic maps (or graphic organizers) help students, especially struggling students and those with disabilities, to identify, understand, and recall the meaning of words they read in the text.