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The outcome of the evaluation defines an understanding of:

Synthesis as conception shifting
Synthesis, often confused with systems thinking, is thought to be a process of engagement with alternative conceptions (interpretations) of the problem domain; conceptions that suggest a different solution set (Houghton & Metcalf, 2010).
Synthesis of evaluation methodologies
The majority of the work reported in the literature that has attempted to evaluate the effectiveness of a collaborative system and/or people in collaboration has looked at the usability of the collaborative interface in a laboratory setting (Shah, 2014).
Synthesis allows the ability for continued research until plausible conclusion has been concluded.
Builds a strategy that works in cohesively with the other concepts that have been researched and has a correlation coefficient, Brown and Stewart suggest that a quantitative assessment should create a clear understanding of the strengths, weaknesses, and the risks of relationships between two or more assessments (Brown & Stewart, 2009).

OER Synthesis and Evaluation Project

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The formulation of open minded concepts through systematic theological from scholarly writers will create different avenues for innovation (University of Phoenix, 2015).
What are the differences between analysis and evaluation?
How does synthesis expand your analysis?
What role does your informed voice play in synthesis?
Analysis, Evaluation and Synthesis
John Baillow
Renee' Butts
Bobby White
University of Phoenix

Critical analysis in writing is revealed when writing reflects a clear understanding of the information that is used to defend research and able to apply details that support their idea(s), opinion(s), or research (Knowles & McGloin, 2007).
Brown, K., & Stewart, G.

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This extensive literature review on the synthesis and biological evaluation of curcumin analogues shows the pharmacological importance of these compounds and it gives an overview for the future scientists interested in development of new synthetic methods for synthesis of these analogues. Summarized data proves the pharmacological potential of curcumin analogues and encourages the discovery of new compounds with best biological activities and minimal issues related to the of curcumin.

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