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Last statement dated 3 July 2017

Asymmetric synthesis of b-hydroxy-a-amino acid via dynamic kinetic resolution using biocatalysis
Kazuya Okano, Mari Hara Yasuda
Speciality Chemicals Magazine 2007, 27(2), 48-50.

A wholly owned subsidiary of DPW Holdings, Inc.

Asymmetric reduction of aliphatic ketones by biocatalysis
Kazuya Okano, Yasumasa Dekishima
Speciality Chemicals Magazine 2006, 26(9), 18-19.

A wholly owned subsidiary of DPW Holdings, Inc.

Performance Summary of FY2015/3

We will help to build a richer and more fulfilling society by formulating a new corporate philosophy to guide our corporate activities in the future.

Performance Summary of FY2015/3

Shortly after it was founded, Fujifilm took proactive steps to cultivate overseas markets, focusing mainly on exports to Asia from 1937. The Fujifilm Group has grown into a global entity that maintains 273 consolidated subsidiaries and has consolidated overseas revenue accounting for 58.8%, or ¥1,466.1 billion, of total revenue.

2010, [Songdo Incheon, Korea (South)].

International Published: (2009)

MTIX International is a dba of Avalanche International Corp (otcbb: AVLP), a publicly traded holding company with two subsidiaries, MTIX, LTD and Restaurant Capital Group, LLC.
MTIX Ltd is an advanced materials and processing technology company located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK. The company has developed a novel cost effective and environmentally friendly material synthesis technology for textile applications.
Resturant Capital Group, LLC is a California Limited Liability Company that provides business capital resources, financial structuring, business development and marketing and other consultation services to the boutique restaurant and hospitality sectors. RCG provides an alternative path for investors and groups seeking to participate in these industries at a reduced risk. RCG provides capital in exchange for a significant equity position in strategic locations that meet our rigorous criterion.

Lowest temperature -80 deg. C Dedicated tank for n-BuLi Large-scale reactors; 3,000 and 5,000 L

Introduction to the brand logos of Fujifilm Group.

Under its VISION 2016 medium-term management plan, which was announced in November 2014, the Fujifilm Group is aiming to achieve record-high profit and improve ROE by “fulfilling a business portfolio to realize stable growth in the medium-to-long term” and targeting the “enhancement of shareholder returns.”
In this special feature, we report on progress made toward the achievement of VISION 2016 and provide details on some specific initiatives.

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With regard to one of the growth strategy pillars of the VISION 2016 medium-term management plan—“profitability improvement in all businesses”—in addition to maintaining business scale and market advantages, the Company is promoting improved productivity and efficiency in all its corporate operations. Under these circumstances, the Imaging Solutions segment, achieved a profit in FY2014/3 and greatly increased its profit in FY2015/3.