Comparative Studies of Oil-Modified Alkyd Resins …

The second type of binder is that which forms a film by evaporation of the solvent; typical of this type is shellac or alkyd and phenolic resin varnishes.

Synthesis of high-performance alkyd anticorrosion …

Synthesis of high-performance alkyd anticorrosion coatings ..

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Increasing the tensile strength and elongation of 16MnCrS5 steel using genetic programming
Durability of FRP/wood bonds glued with epoxy resin
Thermal-cycling behavior of CoNiCrAlY bonds coated with thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) produced with atmospheric plasma spraying (APS)
Phase-transformation behavior and micromechanical properties of a dual-phase steel after chemical modifications
EIS and SKP study on improvement of the protection performance of an alkyd-varnish coating modified with air-plasma treatment on Q235 steel
Effect of the mode and dynamics of thermal processes on DSC-acquired phase-change temperature and latent heat of different kinds of PCM
Characterization of Ni-P coating prepared on a wrought AZ61 magnesium alloy via electroless deposition
Cavitation erosion properties of a nickel-free high-nitrogen Fe-Cr-Mn-N stainless steel
Investigation of the wear behaviour of an AISI 1040 forged steel shaft with plasma-spray ceramic-oxide coatings for sugar-cane mills
Synthesis and characterization of an in-situ magnesium-based cast nano composite via nano-SiO2 additions to the melt

Several routes were adapted in the synthesis of alkyd resins

For many years We are developing synthetic functional resins for use in paints, adhesives, and ink. More recently, we have been working on the development of products with enhanced functionality by exploiting resin synthesis techniques. These products include bio-based ink resins and resins for water-based paints with significantly reduced VOC emissions. We have also been making products with unique characteristics by combining our basic raw materials of rosin and fatty acids.

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Tables S1 and S2 show the physico-chemical properties and solubility test of the synthesized resin. This material is available free of charge via the Internet at .

Paint and Resin Manufacture: Used as paint thinner of oil based paint

Alkyd-acrylic copolymers were synthesized from conjugated and nonconjugated fatty acid-based alkyd resins, as well from rapeseed oil-based alkyd resins for comparison.

Synthesis of TDI Modified Waterborne Alkyd Resin-- …

The influences of the oil length and the acid value of alkyd resin prepolymer,DMPA content,n( —NCO) /n( —OH) on the appearance,viscosity,and particle size of dispersion,meanwhile the hardness,flexibility and gloss properties of the film were discussed.

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HARIPHENOL: Rosin-modified phenolic resin and varnish
HARIESTER: Modified rosin ester and varnish
HARIPHTHAL: Long oil alkyd resin (with solventless)
NEWMIDE: Thermoplastic polyamide resins made from dimer acid and amines

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The surface coating industry is globally involved in developing useful, eco-friendly, and VOC (volatile organic compounds)-free coating systems, which exhibit promising physico-mechanical and corrosion protective performance. Herein, we report the synthesis of butylated melamine formaldehyde (BMF)-modified soy alkyd (SA-BMF). The structural elucidation and molecular weight of soy alkyd (SA) and SA-BMF resin was carried out by FT-IR, 1H NMR, and 13C NMR spectroscopy and gel permeation chromatography (GPC) techniques. The physico-chemical and physico-mechanical properties were tested by standard protocols. Initial decomposition temperature was measured by thermogravimetric analysis (TGA). The curing study and glass transition temperature were assessed by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Hydrophobicity of the coatings was measured in terms of contact angle. The anticorrosion performance of SA-BMF was studied experimentally using polarization techniques and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), while the antimicrobial efficacy of the same were tested against Gram positive bacterium () and Gram negative bacterium () by the agar diffusion method. Overall, our studies revealed that the waterborne SA-BMF coating exhibited higher scratch resistance, impact resistance (150 lb/in.), and bend tests (flexibility retentive 1/8 in.), along with good antibacterial activity and anticorrosive performance. These coatings also find safe usage up to 200 °C.