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Fluoride-containing solutions increased the mobilization and leaching of aluminium from soils. Leaching of aluminium was reported to be greater from soil contaminated from an aluminium smelter than from uncontaminated soil (Haidouti, 1995). In the uncontaminated soil, losses of aluminium from the acid soil were higher than those from the calcareous soil. Arnesen (1998) also found that fluoride can solubilize aluminium, iron and organic material and can increase soil pH through exchange with hydroxide ions.

Wet chemical synthesis of monocalcium aluminate

TAS, “Low-temperature ChemicalSynthesis of Ceramic Powders of Calcium Aluminate Binary Compounds”
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So basically scientists created a substance in the laboratory that duplicates the end product of what happens when people or animals go outside on a sunny day and their skin synthesizes vitamin D from exposure to sunlight; it's basically a lab made vitamin supplement.

D-Calcium Panothenate/D-pantothenic acid:

Calcium aluminates are a range of minerals ..

Archimedes Principle, SG= A/A-W.ELEMENT, SYMBOL, ATOMIC NUMBER, S/GAluminum Al 13 2.7 metallic, ore bauxite.Antimony Sb 51 4.6 brittle metallic, ore stibnite.Arsenic As 33 --- poisonous, pentavalent As+5.Astatine At 85 --- rare element, halogen family, unstable.Barium Ba 56 3.5 malleable, active, divalent metal, compounds in barite.Beryllium Be 4 1.8 hard, light, divalent, steel-gray metallic element,idiochromatic primary and secondary colors.Boron B 5 --- ore of Borax.Bromine Br 35 3.1 liquid, dark-red fuming, resembling chlorine and iodine.Cadmium Cd 48 8.6 divalent metallic element, allied to zinc, Pigment in 1842.Calcium Ca 20 --- divalent metal, compounds limestone, chalk, gypsum.Carbon C 6 --- Diamond and graphite are organic, polymorphs of carbon, graphites two dimensional atomic structure is flat, as is soft graphite, black.

, “Chemical Synthesis andCharacterization of Calcium Aluminate Powders,” J.
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However, an occupational exposure limit of 1 mg/m3 calculated as aluminium has been proposed in Sweden regarding aluminium-containing respirable fumes (Sjögren & Ekinder, 1992).

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Black ducks maintained on normal calcium and phosphorus levels showed femur aluminium concentrations of 5.42, 13.6 and 19.5 mg/kg after 10 weeks at the three dose levels, respectively.


Commercial calciumaluminate cements for refractory use are known to contain various phases, the hydration behavior of which is interdependent and not f...

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Reich PB, Oleskyn J, & Tjoelker MG (1994) Relationship of aluminium and calcium to net CO2 exchange among diverse Scots pine provenances under pollution stress in Poland.

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5.3.5 Total human intake of aluminium from all environmental pathways In calculating total human exposures one must be aware of the quality of the sampling and analytical procedures, particularly when using data from earlier studies.