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My previous research at the University of Iowa was on organic synthesis of calixarene and cyclodextrin derivatives and study of their potential as hosts for smaller molecules (2001-2003).

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The synthesis, characterization, and properties of the calixarenes from p-tert-butylphenol, , ,

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The synthesis and properties of the calixarene derivatives with pendant bicyclo ortho ester (CA-BOE) moieties were examined, and it was observed that these derivatives had good solubility and good film-forming property. The photochemical reactions of the thin films prepared from CA-BOE were examined upon UV irradiation, and it was found that the cross-linking reaction proceeded to afford the new ester groups. The refractive index properties of these films were examined by ellipsometer after photo-irradiation.

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Practical implications – The efficiency of calixarene derivatives increases with the concentration and falls slowly with temperature to attain 84 per cent at 353 K range.

The synthesis, characterization, and properties of the calixarenes from p-tert-butylphenol

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3.2. Calixarene and Resorcarene derivatives - Cation Interactions
Calixarene derivatives form an important class of macrocyclic ligands and a new methodology for the synthesis of these compounds has been recently developed at Surrey. They are unusual in that they contain both hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions. The reaction medium plays an important role in complexation processes involving calix(4)arene derivatives to the extent that the selective binding of the hydrophilic cavity for a cation can be altered as a result of conformational changes taking place between the solvent and the ligand. This important observation makes it possible to consider the solvent effect on the complexing abilities of calixarene derivatives toward metal cations in 'allosteric' media and the implications of these findings in solvent extraction technology. Extensive research is undergoing on resorcarene-cation interactions.

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5. Extraction of silver (I) by calixarene amine derivatives: The medium effect on the stoichiometry of the phase transfer extraction process. A. F. Danil de Namor, M. T. Goitia, A. R. Casal and J. Villanueva-Salas. , 2001, 3, 5242.

Selective Calixarene-Directed Synthesis of MXene Plates, Crumpled Sheets, Spheres, and Scrolls.

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4. Design of New Materials for Environmental Protection and Extraction Purposes
Based on fundamental thermodynamics, chelating ligands are selected for their incorporation into polymeric frameworks to give new materials (recyclable) for environmental protection. Within this context, new calixarene derivatives and non-macrocyclic (EDTA derivatives) containing materials are synthesised, characterised and their extraction properties toward pollutant ions are investigated. Extensive research is being carried out on the interaction of new calix[4]arene derivatives and toxic metal cations such as mercury(II), cadmium(II), lead(II), copper(II), as well as calixpyrrole derivatives and their interaction with polluting anions.

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1. The Various Factors Involved in the Extraction of Alkali Metal Picrates by Calixarene Ester Derivatives in the Mutually Saturated Water-Dichloromethane Solvent System. A.F. Danil de Namor, A. Pugliese, A.R. Casal, M. Barrios Llerena, P.J. Aymonino and F.J. Sueros Velarde. , 2000, 2, 4355.

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3. Complexation of Calixarene Derivatives and Lanthanide Cations in Nonaqueous Media. A.F. Danil de Namor and O. Jafou. , 2001, 105, 8018..