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- In addition, the created a line of acetaminophen based products for children aged 0 months - 11 years
- Tylenol was not the only company to take advantage of acetaminophen's powers, other common medicines including: Dayquil, Nyquil, Midol, Benadryl and Excederin all use it to alleviate some form of pain
Timeline of the Creation of Acetaminophen
Chemical Structure
Synthesis Process
- Before acetaminophen was created, toxic analgesics were being used to help pain as well as other ineffective methods
- Today, we take things like Tylenol for granted.

Synthesis and Characterization of Aspirin.

INTRODUCTION Organic synthesis is an important aspect in the industry of organic chemistry.

1 Lab Report: Synthesis of Aspirin.

However, the story is not simple. There is apparently evidence that Hoffmann's work was really directed by a Jewish chemist named Arthur Eichengr, whose contribution was covered up during the Nazi era. According to Eichengr's account (written in a Nazi concentration camp), the acetylsalicylic acid was first tested by his relative, a dentist, who found it to be quite effective in relieving pain during tooth extractions. Dreser (the boss), however, believed then that any good drug must conduct electricity. Since acetylsalicylic acid failed that test, it was originally rejected (the boss is always right). Eichengr secretly gave the powder to different dentists and physicians who confirmed the pain-killing effectiveness of the drug. Directors of Bayer, convinced by the clinical data, overruled Dreser and authorized the manufacture of aspirin. Dreser's contract with Bayer required any product from his laboratory to be credited to him, and so, in the eyes of the medical literature readers, he got all the glory (the boss is right, even when he is wrong).

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Experiment 22 Synthesis of Aspirin and Oil of Synthesis and use of organic compounds is an extremely important area of modern LAB REPORT FOR THE FIRST.

It belongs to the homologous series of organic molecules called carboxylic acids.
Whatever, they are large naturally occurring polymeric organic molecules of C, H and O atoms.

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Nitro-organic compounds are important intermediates in the manufacture of synthetic dyestuffs.

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