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USE: Quinine Sulfate is useful for resistant strains of Ich (especially on scale less fish), as well as Protozoan caused sliminess of the skin and Rams disease (whirling disease).
Also useful for resistant strains of Hexamita when combined with Metronidazole.

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The purpose of the Qualitative Metasynthesis Project was to clarify, refine, and develop new analytic and interpretive techniques to synthesize qualitative research findings. Studies of HIV-positive women were used to develop these techniques, and studies of women and couples receiving positive prenatal diagnoses were used to evaluate and refine them. To begin the project, we drew from procedures traditionally associated with research synthesis to set inclusion criteria and to search for and retrieve relevant literature, and from available guidelines used to evaluate qualitative studies. We used reflexive accounting practices, such as the maintenance of an audit trail, think/talk aloud and negotiated consensus processes, and peer review, throughout the project. As we developed procedures, a six-member panel of experts evaluated them with purposeful samples of research reports in the study. An additional “test” of our procedures was to use them to complete several research syntheses.

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- In the mid-1990's people in business were movingtheir focus from reengineering to process redesign. We were involved withorganizations large and small, here in the US and in Europe inproducing software solutions that would enable an organization’s process to bemore effective. We consistently saw that no matter how great the technology or effective theprocess design, the initiatives would not produce results if we did not also workon developing the coordination skills of the teams. From this observationthe concept ofSynthesis was born. Our mission is to bring together the best new thinking about enabling the human element of anorganization to create satisfaction.

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Annexin A5 was used for the development of a probe for the imaging and quantitation of apoptosis in the evaluation of therapy response []. Regiospecific coupling of the protein to DOTA maleimide was achieved via Cys2 and Cys165 amino acid residues thus maintaining the active binding sites intact. The resultant bioconjugate labelled with 68Ga demonstrated statistically higher uptake after cancer therapy in mouse model of hepatic apoptosis.

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Qualitative Metasynthesis Project

The 68Ga-applications in oncology will continue growing in harmony with the introduction of new receptor specific peptides and high affinity proteins for tumour-type specific diagnosis and treatment that would allow personalized approach of accurate quantitative diagnosis and staging for subsequent selection and planning of therapeutic means as well as monitoring response to the treatment. The imaging of receptors with peptidic agents is the most explored field. The high clinical value of 68Ga-labelled SST ligand analogues is recognized and clinical routine practice and regulations are getting established. Imaging feasibility of GRPR, GLP-1R, MSH, HER2 as well as prostate-specific membrane antigen, osteoblastic bone metastases, amino acid uptake, glucose transport, angiogenesis using 68Ga-agents has been clinically demonstrated in patients. The experience with a number of ligands specific to G-protein coupled receptors (GRP, CCK, GLP-1, MSH, neuropeptide Y, melanocortin-1, VPAC-1, NT, CXCR4, GnRHR) labelled with 99mTc, 111In, 18F, 64Cu, 90Y, 177Lu and used in clinical studies provide solid basis and will facilitate advent of 68Ga-labelled analogues in the nearest future. Obviously, oncology will be the major arena for 68Ga-agents, especially those based on regulatory small peptides specific to disease type. This is greatly supported by the robustness, favourable pharmacokinetics and accessibility of the peptides. Immuno-PET with 68Ga will also expand due to the pre-targeted imaging technique. The basic research for the development of agents for myocardial perfusion imaging will most probably persist in order to meet the need for quantitative diagnostic means as well as to compensate for 99mTc shortage. Strong clinical need for the specific and quantitative imaging of inflammation and infection will stimulate the development of the corresponding 68Ga-agents, and the vast experience of 99mTc-radiopharmaceuticals provides valuable basis [].

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82. Lin M, Ranganathan D, Mori T, Hagooly A, Rossin R, Welch MJ. . Long-term evaluation of TiO2-based 68Ge/68Ga generators and optimized automation of [68Ga]DOTATOC radiosynthesis. 2012;70:2539-44