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(9) Ensure through proper coordination with appropriate government agencies and local private agencies the social growth of the community within a tourist zone; carefully control possible negative social impact brought about by tourism development.

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(8) Provide assistance in its area of specialization to the Department Proper, Bureaus and Regional Offices and, when requested, the government agencies and corporations attached to the Department; and

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- Agencies and corporations attached to the Department shall continue to operate and function in accordance with their respective charters/laws/executive orders creating them. Accordingly, the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System, the Local Water Utilities Administration, the National Irrigation Administration, and the National Water Resources Council, among others, shall continue to be attached to the Department; while the Metropolitan Manila Flood Control and Drainage Council, as reorganized, shall be attached to the Department.

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(1) The Solicitor General, if the dispute, claim or controversy involves only departments, bureaus, offices and other agencies of the National Government as well as government-owned or controlled corporations or entities of whom he is the principal law officer or general counsel; and

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(12) Initiate, formulate, integrate and submit to the President short, medium, and long-range foreign policy plans and programs in cooperation with other government agencies;

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(3) Attachment. - (a) This refers to the lateral relationship between the department or its equivalent and the attached agency or corporation for purposes of policy and program coordination. The coordination may be accomplished by having the department represented in the governing board of the attached agency or corporation, either as chairman or as a member, with or without voting rights, if this is permitted by the charter; having the attached corporation or agency comply with a system of periodic reporting which shall reflect the progress of programs and projects; and having the department or its equivalent provide general policies through its representative in the board, which shall serve as the framework for the internal policies of the attached corporation or agency;

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(b) Matters of day-to-day administration or all those pertaining to internal operations shall be left to the discretion or judgment of the executive officer of the agency or corporation. In the event that the Secretary and the head of the board or the attached agency or corporation strongly disagree on the interpretation and application of policies, and the Secretary is unable to resolve the disagreement, he shall bring the matter to the President for resolution and direction;

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(3) The regulatory agencies may avail themselves of the common auxiliary and management services of the department as may be convenient and economical for their operations.

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(1) For services required by law to be rendered for a fee, for supplies furnished, or articles of any kind sold to other divisions of the government or to any person, the head of bureau, office or agency may, upon approval of the Secretary charge and collect the cost of the service, supplies, or articles or other rate in excess of cost prescribed by law or approved by the same authority. For local governments, the rate, except where otherwise prescribed by law, shall be affixed at cost or at such other reasonable rate in excess of cost by the boards or councils concerned;