The call to place all on the altar of service comes to eachone.

b. We should remember that "the spiritual sense is not to be confused with subjective interpretations dictated by the imagination or from intellectual speculation. It arises from three levels of reality: the Biblical text (in its literal sense), the Paschal Mystery and the circumstances present in the life in the Spirit (28)". In every case, the biblical text is the indispensable starting point in interpretation as it is in pastoral activity.

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To him it was the signal that God had called him to bethe successor of Elijah.

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a. Because Scripture is intimately bound to the Church, the Christian community exercises an essential role in approaching the Word of God and gives the Word its authentic character. The Church becomes the criterion for the proper understanding of Tradition, since both the liturgy and catechesis draw their nourishment from the Bible. As previously mentioned, the have a direct, concrete power of appeal not possessed by other Church texts.

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18.People are becoming increasingly aware that the Bible cannot be read in a casual manner. In discovering the Scriptures, certain Bible groups begin with an enthusiasm which progressively declines, because of the want of fertile ground, namely, an understanding of the Word of God in the mystery of grace, as Jesus taught in the parable of the sower (cf. 13:20-21). This situation has the following pastoral implications:

Elisha must count the cost--decide forhimself to accept or reject the call.

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2. The times again call for an obedient hearing of the Word of God in union with the Church’s Tradition, in light of the Second Vatican Council, specifically, taking up the contents of the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation (), and other conciliar documents, notably the Dogmatic Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (), the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church () and the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World () (1).The two Notes of the Pontifical Biblical Commission, and are also directly related to the synod topic. In addition, and its , as well as also have an authoritative character in the subject.

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1. The upcoming XII Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, to take place from 5 to 26 October 2008, will treat . The choice of topic by His Holiness, Pope Benedict XVI on 6 October 2006 was widely accepted by the bishops and the People of God. Its preparation began with the drafting of the which called for a reflection, in light of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, on the various experiences and aspects of encountering the Word of God in the Church today, according to her various traditions and rites and from the vantage point of faith.

Thenhe arose, and went after Elijah, and ministered unto him."1 Kings 19:20, 21.

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— The Pastors have the responsibility to help the faithful in acquiring a true, complete and proper understanding of the harmonious workings of the ministry of the Word, enabling them to become attentive hearers of the Word wherever it is proclaimed and to appreciate even the simplest expressions in the Bible.

— the liturgical approach to the Word of God at Mass is oftentimes still to be put into effect;

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— , received as an inheritance and a testament given to readers to make present in its life the history of salvation therein recorded in writing. Therefore, a mutual, life-giving relationship exists between the People and the book. The Bible becomes alive in the People’s reading it. The People cannot exist without the Book, because it contains its reason for existence, its calling and its very identity.

Like a “call” to any other vocation..the “call” to Christian ministry is tested.

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Later on I was called to fulltime study and the voice of the Spirit was clearthat I was called to fulltime ministry. So I stand before you today as a formerunbeliever, who once ignored Christ and the things of Christ, who was on thedark road to hell, as one about to graduate Seminary and enter the pastorate forthe glory of God. The grace of our Lord is exceedingly abundant.