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For a minor in Computer Science, a candidate must complete 20 units of Computer Science coursework numbered 200 or above, except for the 100-level courses listed on the (pdf). At least three of the courses must be master’s core courses to provide breadth and one course numbered 300 or above to provide depth. One of the courses taken must include a significant programming project to demonstrate programming efficiency. Courses must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a grade of 'B' or better. Applications for a minor in Computer Science are submitted at the same time as admission to candidacy.

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The problem of planning itineraries on a transportation system involves computing the set of optimal paths through a time-dependent network where the cost of a path is determined by more than one, possibly non-linear and non-additive, cost function. This thesis introduces an algorithmic toolkit for finding the set of Pareto-optimal paths in time-dependent networks in the presence of multiple objective functions.

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We demonstrate the automated animation of human activity in a virtual train station, and we employ our pedestrian simulator in the context of virtual archaeology for visualizing urban social life in reconstructed archaeological sites. Our pedestrian simulator is also serving as the basis of a testbed for designing and experimenting with visual sensor networks in the field of computer vision.

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Title: On computing the Pareto-optimal solution set in a large scale dynamic network

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Parallel computing on local area networks is based on a variety of mechanisms targeting the properties of this environment. However, these mechanisms do not effectively extend to wide area networks due to issues such as heterogeneity, security, and administrative boundaries. I present a prototype system which allows application programmers to write parallel programs in Java and allows Java-capable browsers to execute parallel tasks. It comprises a virtual machine model which isolates the program from the execution environment, and a runtime system realizing this machine on the Web. Load balancing and fault masking are transparently provided by the runtime system.

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This thesis addresses fault tolerance issues in parallel computing on loosely-coupled networks of non-dedicated, heterogeneous workstations. The efficiency of fault tolerance mechanisms is dictated by network and failure characteristics. Traditional approaches to fault tolerance are efficient when network and failure characteristics are identical across workstations, such as in a local area network of homogeneous workstations; however, a loosely coupled network of non-dedicated workstations has non-uniform network and failure characteristics. This thesis presents the design and implementation of a flexible fault tolerance runtime system that allows each process in a parallel application to use one of three rollback recovery mechanisms. Rollback recovery is achieved using a lightweight form of transaction, which performance results show incurs almost no overhead. The system is built on top of the Linda coordination language and runs on Alpha, Linux, Solaris and SGI workstations and Java-enabled browsers. For barrier synchronous parallel applications, a new equi-distant checkpointing interval selection method, the expected maximum heuristic, is presented. The method is applicable to any rollback recovery system in which processes recover from failure independently and communicate through a reliable third party. Simulation results show that the expected maximum heuristic has near optimal performance under a variety of different failure rates and barrier lengths.

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Recently, Computational Biology has emerged as one of the most exciting areas of computer science research, not only because of its immediate impact on many biomedical applications, (e.g., personalized medicine, drug and vaccine discovery, tools for diagnostics and therapeutic interventions, etc.), but also because it raises many new and interesting combinatorial and algorithmic questions, in the process. In this thesis, we focus on robust and efficient algorithms to analyze biological networks, primarily targeting protein networks, possibly the most fascinating networks in computational biology in terms of their structure, evolution and complexity, as well as because of their role in various genetic and metabolic diseases.