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In Sweden a ‘licentiate’ degree equals the completion of half of the coursework, or thesis, required for a full doctoral programme, i.e. a licentiate degree corresponds to two years of full-time study and at least 60 credits have to be awarded for a licentiate thesis. It is equivalent to the MPhil of the British education system.

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A licentiate degree may be taken after the equivalent of two years' full-time third-cycle studies.


Postgraduate students, independently but in collaboration with and guided by their supervisors and instructors, write their licentiate thesis in conjunction with or after the completion of the theoretical studies. Postgraduate students submit an application for the approval of the topic of their licentiate thesis to the department’s office. The Doctoral Programme Committee assigns a supervisor and one or more instructors. It also decides the language of the thesis and assigns the examiners.

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Students must demonstrate in their licentiate thesis a sound, in-depth knowledge of their research field and an ability to apply scientific research methods independently and critically. The thesis may be in the form of a monograph, or a combination of articles, or other work that satisfies the equivalent scientific criteria. Research of the literature related to the research field that demonstrates a sound and critical grasp of the research subject can also be approved as a licentiate thesis.

When all the different elements of the licentiate exam have been completed, the student should apply for a certificate  (in Swedish)

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§1 A doctoral or licentiate thesis at the Institute of Technology may only be presented if it is published in a list of theses resolved by the faculty not less than three term weeks before presentation. From 1 January 2007 only the following lists may be used

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§8 The faculty board regulates the generall syllabus for every major subject. The study syllabus structure, the rules for qualification, admission and selection are the same, irrespective of the ultimate goal of licentiate or PhD degree.

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To qualify for a Ph.D., the initial degree must be followed by at least 240 Higher Education Credits of additional studies on a postgraduate level, including a publicly defended thesis of at least 120 Higher Education Credits.

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The application for a degree certificate is to indicate whether the programme of study concludes with a licentiate or whether the student will be continuing to a PhD.

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§10 The PhD students intending to defend their licentiate thesis are to notify their department of this on a form that can be downloaded from the website. Application is to be made no later than two months before the seminar. Please see form for more detailed instructions. A copy of the decision should be sent to the secretary of the Borad of PhD studies no later than three weeks before the seminar.

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§11 Grades for licentiate thesis including defense of this is normally set by an appointed examiner. The head of the department appoints an examiner and an opponent of the licentiate seminar. If the head of the department is one of the respondent's supervisors, the examiner and the opponent shall be appointed by chairman of the Board of PhD studies. Anyone who has been supervisor of the respondent, or that is in another bias possion, can not be appointed as examiner or opponent. At least one of the examiner and the opponent must come from another university. The examiner and the opponent should have a PhD degree. The chairman of the Board of PhD studies may decide on exceptions to this. For a pass grade, the PhD student should demonstrate that he/she meets the learning outcomes for the licentiate degree.