Gnutella is an overlay network superimposed on top of the Internet.

The Anthill Project [] developed at the University ofBologna uses Jtella [] Java API as a basis for buildinga fully customizable API for the Gnutella network.

More specifically they found, on aGnutella snapshot gathered on the

It is the same mechanism employed by the Gnutella protocolfor communications between peers.

They try to visualize the Gnutella backbone (i.e.

Their study reveals that Gnutella has some important structural properties,such as small-world properties and several power-law distributionsof certain graph metrics.

Analysis of the traffic on the gnutella network, 2001.

Although a Gnutella query can not circle the Gnutella network forever, it is possible to visit the same node more than once within the seven hops of its ``life''.

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Among them is that the Gnutella network topology does not match well the underlying Internet topology leading to the inefficient use of the network bandwidth.

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Jovanovic [] studied several Gnutella connection graphs and identified significant performance problems, includingshort-circuiting, an effect that limits the reachability of the nodes in a Gnutella network.

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We also note that the more efficient search allows us touse a larger TTL compared with the Gnutella protocol, whilestill having a smaller number of messages overall.


Jovanovic's experiments suggest that, due to short-circuiting, a typical Gnutella peer reaches only about 50% of the peers that it could typically reach.

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This disparity between the peers' characteristics may significantly limit the scalability, reliability and performance of the Gnutella network, and of peer-to-peer systems in general.

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Anderson [] observed the traffic of Gnutella for a 35-hour period and reported several results, including the distribution of TTL values, the distribution of Hops for Queries, the distribution of Hops for all Packets, etc.

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We studied the traffic incurred by Gnutella query requests and query responses and found that this traffic is bursty and continues to remain bursty over several time scales.