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This module will use the analytical tools of International Relations to study the Middle East. It will do this by examining the interaction of the post-colonial states that make up the region with the trans-national forces of Islam and Arab nationalism on one hand and European and American interventions on the other. The result of these interactions is a series of fierce but weak Middle Eastern states, vulnerable to both the international system and their own populations.

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In the two generations after the American Civil War, Americans experienced massive changes ¿ socially, culturally and economically - as the slave-owning, cotton producing United States was transformed into the world¿s leading industrial nation. Distances were diminished as telegraph wires, steamships and railways produced an era of unprecedented globalisation.

Globalisation created new possibilities as American capitalists, producers and consumers were exposed to - and struggled over - new ways of living. The course will consider a number of themes: the impact of globalisation on the lives of ordinary American citizens; the ways in which globalisation promoted massive disparities of wealth and power in American society; how these changes played out regionally between the more industrially advanced North, the defeated South and the dynamic West. What drove these extraordinary changes that brought such affluence and influence alongside poverty and dislocation? What were, in turn, the localized as well as the globalised roots of the spectacular collapse of the 1930s?

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On 1 January 1660, the young civil servant Samuel Pepys began a diary. Over the next 9 years he maintained this daily record of his activities and opinions, alongside a chronicle of public events. This classic text has become valuable source for understanding England at a turbulent moment in its history while the Stuart monarchy struggled to assert itself after England¿s only period as a republic. Students will use the diary (which is online) to understand England during the 1660s. Some topics will be thematic (religion, the Court, London, rituals, medicine, political corruption); others will treat the great events of the decade: the restoration of Charles II, the Plague, and the Great Fire of London (1666). The module will also discuss the way diaries make sense of what it is to be human.

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During the era of the Atlantic slave trade, more than twelve million Africans were forcibly transported to colonies in the Americas. This module will focus predominantly on Africa's engagement with the Trade and the ways in which African polities and peoples responded to it. It provides a broadly chronological introduction to the ways in which Africans became slaves, the Middle Passage, and the establishment of plantations in the New World. It will make use of a vast array of primary sources, including slave narratives, photographs, and abolitionist tracts, to examine the origins, form, and structure of the Atlantic trade.

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This module explores how different legal systems manage cultural diversity, which includes religious, ethnic and linguistic diversity. The module is based on the English legal system as the core case study and compares it to the experience of other legal systems in the management of cultural diversity. The comparative study of legal approaches to cultural diversity includes an exploration of legal pluralism, the significance of long-standing and newer diversities introduced through immigration, the problems of assimilation and integration, and paradigms of citizenship, multiculturalism and secularism, and also a study of individual topics ranging from family law to anti-discrimination law.

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The Module focuses trademark infringement on the internet and in particular the conflict between trademarks and domain names and the use of trademarks in the metatags of websites and the use of trademarks in keyword advertising (search engines, online marketplaces). This involves an overview of trademark law from a comparative perspective (English, EU, French, German and US Federal trademark law). The Module assess the function and role of trademarks and compares this to the use on the internet. It evaluates the different types of consumer confusion on the internet and their legal assessment. It examines the role of internet service providers such as search engines, marketplaces, advertisers and how they relate to the trademark use. The Module assesses primary and secondary liability in the trademark context and the various immunities granted to internet intermediaries. The Module examines the relevant jurisprudence before the English, French, German, US Courts and the Court of Justice of the European Union.