Towards Self-Managing Demand Side Management.

A technique to optimize the balance between the flexibility provided by fast generation units and the flexibility achievable from demand side management (DSM) and storage of electrical energy is presented.

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Thesis On Demand Side Management

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A novel intelligent online demand side management system is proposed for peak load management in low-voltage distribution networks. This method uses low-cost controllers with low-bandwidth two-way communication installed in custumers’ premises and at distribution transformers to manage the peak load while maximising customer satisfaction. A multi-objective decision making process is proposed to select the load(s) to be delayed or controlled. The efficacy of the proposed control system is verified by simulation of three different feeder types.

Demand Side Management in Nepal

Energy demand management activities within the electricity sector attempt to bring the electricity demand and supply closer to a perceived optimum, and help give electricity end users more direct price signals to adjust their usage or automated signals to change load depending on system conditions.

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No requirements from utility companies

Customized to the UAE's energy consumption patterns
Demand Side Management in the UAE's Residential Sector
Mahmoud Al-Iriani
Wide range of DSM solutions:
Building codes
Information campaigns
Pricing measures
Minimum efficiency standards
Energy efficiency assistance

Designs a pilot project with price incentives
Electricity & Water Prices
Energy Demand Facts
Chatham House (2013):
Total Supply and Demand for Energy in the UAE
*UAE tariffs paid by non-nationals
Peak Demand
Literature Review
Price Elasticity
Mark Lijesen (2007):

Demand for electricity is inelastic

An increase in price of kWh does not prompt a proportional decrease in the demand for electricity
Peer Comparison
Ayres, Raseman, Shih (2008):

2 large experiments of 75k households in WA and CA

Quarterly feedback which compared electricity consumption with their peers

1.2% reduction in WA and 2.1% in CA
Chatham House (2013): UAE's electricity consumption during July through September accounts to 50-70% of all electricity use
Capacity Problem
Consumer doesn't pay real time price of electricity
Activating additional sources of electricity generations have higher costs and environmental impact
Sama Tower
West Side
Experiment Design
Divide subjects into two categories:
Intervention group
Control group

The intervention group receives
1) Consent to participate
2) Peer comparison

The control group receives no intervention
Intervention 1:
Consent Form
Residents' consent is not required by university's or landlord's policies for accessing the meters

Included information on UAE energy consumption

"In this study the electricity and water consumption of your apartment will be monitored"
East side
373 people from 151 apartments
Similar representation in size and heterogeneity
South-west & north-east
Intervention 2:
Peer Comparison
Communicating electricity and water consumption during one month compared to the residents of similar apartments
Data collection on weekly basis
Consent Forms
Baseline data collection
Experiment timeline
Final data collection
Peer Comparison
What drives electricity consumption?

Demand side management project for Tenaga Nasional …

Research Questions
How can we address the problem of high energy demand in the UAE?

What are the international practices?

Which UAE specifics are needed to be incorporated into these practices?
Intervention had an impact on both of electricity and water consumption
Opposite trends
Total Consumption
Growth Rates
Electricity responded in an unpredicted way
Water responded consistently with theory, decreasing after intervention
DSM is a strong tool in changing electricity and water consumption
Suggests low-cost solution to decreasing consumption in the residential sector
Limitations: Hawthorne effect, time frame and selection bias
Electricity comparison for identical apartments (e.g.

Demand side management in Costa Rica: Exploring …

Demand side management techniques found in literature are overviewed and a novel electricity demand control technique using real-time pricing is proposed.

Simulation Study for Optimized Demand Side Management …

The research described in this thesis focuses on the adequacy and economic assessment of non-utility generation (NUG) and demand-side management (DSM) initiatives within a typical power system.

Demand side management of households in Bergen - …

The adequacy and economic implications of demand-side management initiatives in the test systems were examined at each load point in the composite generation and transmission configuration.