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Although the national impact of these organizations was minimal, the Depression did ultimately result in an expansion of state responsibility for the economy and for social welfare. In 1934 Bennett's government created legislation to establish the , which was charged with regulating ; in 1935 the was created to market and establish a minimum floor price for wheat; and in 1940 the federal government assumed responsibility for the jobless by introducing a national unemployment insurance scheme (see ) and employment service.

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Instead of turning to drugs and alcohol, those who have depression should find a way to treat it. There are a number of different treatments for people who are depressed. Most people with depression can be helped with counseling or psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is where people go to talk about their feelings with a trained psychologist. The psychologist is there to help encourage people through their depression. They also focus on teaching skills in developing clear thinking, healthy relationships and effective behaviors that are causing their depression. Medicine is used for the more serious and persistent depressions. There are many varieties of antidepressant medications that will help a person who has depression. All of the medications have different side affects. So if one does not work for a person, there are many more medications to choose from.
Depression is a serious health disorder that is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. People who are depressed should not abuse drugs and alcohol, because in the long run it could just make the condition worse. Both adults and adolescents who are depressed need professional treatment. Their disorder could turn into thoughts or attempts of suicide.

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Despite this increased suicide rate, depression in this age group is greatly underdiagnosed and leads to serious difficulties in school, work and personal adjustment which may often continue into adulthood It affects about 17.8million people

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The burden of the Depression was also unequally distributed between classes. Although wages dropped throughout the 1930s, prices declined even faster. As a result, the standard of living of property owners and those with jobs increased. Farmers, young people, small businessmen and the unemployed bore the brunt of economic hardship.


Canada did not have an adequate system of dispensing welfare to the jobless. Although unemployment was a national problem, federal governments led by Conservative Prime Minister (1930-35) and his Liberal predecessor and successor , refused, for the most part, to provide work for the jobless and insisted that their care was primarily a local and provincial responsibility. King, who was prime minister when the Depression first started, was reluctant to even acknowledge that an economic crisis had struck Canada – a stance that led to his defeat at the hands of Bennett in 1930 (King and his Liberals were re-elected in 1935).

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Depression affects teenagers in many ways. The chemical imbalances that cause depression could lead children to abuse drugs and alcohol. Many teens that go through depression turn to drugs and alcohol as a way to help them feel better about themselves. Yet in some situations, alcohol or drug use comes first, and depression is caused by: the drug itself, withdrawal from it, or the problems that substance abuse causes. Depression also leads teens to have thought or expressions of suicide. Untreated depression is the number one cause of teen suicides. Suicide is in all neighborhoods, schools and in many families. Around 30,000 people a year commit suicide, 4,000 to 5,000 are between the ages of 10 and 24. In order to prevent suicide, psychiatrist, Jack Westman, and professor of pediatrics, Peter Karofsky, says:
“Spend time as a family. Parents who spend time with their teens know them well enough to sense problems, avert disasters, and discipline without threats. Negotiating through everyday conflicts and disappointments will build confidence to weather more serious ones, and kids who have seen their mothers and fathers deal with difficult times will have models of adults coping with adversity and growing from it.”

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The worldwide Great Depression of the early 1930s was a social and economic shock that left millions of Canadians unemployed, hungry and often homeless. Few countries were affected as severely as Canada during what became known as the Dirty Thirties, due to Canada’s heavy dependence on raw material and farm exports, combined with a crippling Prairies drought.

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Economists still debate whether a specific event might have sparked the Great Depression, such as the 1929 crash of the Wall Street stock market. However, there is general consensus that the Depression was the result of widespread drops in world commodity prices and sudden declines in economic demand and credit, leading to rapid declines in global trade and rising unemployment.

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The Depression's effects were aggravated by its uneven impact, by a rudimentary social-welfare structure and by misguided government policy. A third of Canada’s Gross came from exports, therefore the country was hard hit by the collapse in world trade. The four western provinces, which depended almost exclusively on primary-product exports, were the most seriously affected.