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As Tchorly-Boadi puts it in her thesis, the “increasing feminisation of migration” has affected not only Ghana, where she will graduate with her Master of Arts in International Relations degree at Webster’s campus in Accra, but also West Africa more generally.

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The Annual General Meeting of The International Investor (TII) was held on Sund...

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The master of arts (MA) in international relations enables students to analyze the complexities and processes involved in world politics and international affairs. Coursework provides exposure to the key subfields of the discipline and relevant issues such as globalization, human rights, humanitarian action, and economic development. The program can help prepare students to compete for work with a governmental agency, an intergovernmental organization, a nongovernmental organization, or a multinational corporation. This program is also recommended for students planning to pursue a PhD or an academic career at another institution.

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To achieve a minor in IR, a student must do passing work in six (6) courses. The International Relations minor requires completion of all the core courses listed above except the INTR350 Praxis and IPE elective requirements, as well as at least two other approved IR electives. Only one non-College course may be applied to the minor. These courses cannot be taken Pass/Fail, but can be double-counted for other majors. Minor students are recommended to complete ECON 1 & 2 prior to taking ECON 50, International Economics.

The Chairman and Managing Director of The International Investor (TII), Mr Adna...

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During the first year, all students will be required to undertake a core course in International Relations and also chose six modules from the following options:

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Amitav AcharyaPhillip Brenner, James Goldgeier. Jeffrey Chwieroth, Katerina Delacoura, Christopher Hughes. The school also runs a joint program for a master of international relations thesis with George Washington University in Washington, D. John Mearsheimer, Robert Pape. The oldest IR international program in the United States, the Committee on International Relations focuses on the more intellectual side of international affairs.

* Advanced Research Methods may be substituted for a course in the Comparative cluster or in the International cluster.

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Where will it take me? On graduation from the Master of International Relations, you will be ready for work in professional fields including: Policy advisor and analyst.

The 36 credit hours required for the master of arts (MA) degree in international relations must include the following courses:

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In contrast to the regular applications (i.e. as “beginner”), applications as “advanced student” are not submitted online but on paper. The application consists of a completed form (which is accessible ) as well as the required proofs and supporting documents (including those mentioned in the list of admission requirements above). Enclose documents (e.g. course syllabi) that allow the selection committee to establish whether you have successfully completed courses in another MA program that are equivalent to MA International Relations seminars worth 10 credit points or more. (For the program’s curriculum see .)

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Students completing the first year successfully will then spend their second year researching and writing a 25,000-word dissertation on a topic of their choice, subject to the approval of the Graduate Education Committee (GEC) of the Department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS). Dissertation work will be individually supervised by an academic specialist.