Code Division Multiple Access (MC-CDMA) is being considered [8] R.

Sud "Design and Development of Multi-Channel Data Logger for Built Environment ", Proceedings of International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer scientists 2010 VolII ,IMECS 2010 ,Hong Kong,PP:993-998
[2] P.S.S Sushma, C.

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Here, the backbone of this system is a wireless CDMA user link built with the help of Matlab.

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Systems Engineer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology: Chris earned a B.S. in Physics from the University of Michigan in 1988 and spent two years working in superconductivity before attending graduate school at the University of Minnesota, where he earned a Ph.D. in Physics studying superfluid helium. He started at JPL in 1996 as a post-doc and joined the staff a year later to work on development of low temperature cryocoolers. He has worked on a variety of missions and instruments, including the Planck cosmic microwave background mission, ChemCam (on MSL), the ground based Thirty Meter Telescope, and the James Webb Space Telescope. He has been involved in mission and instrument development for the search for extra-terrestrial life both inside and outside the solar system since he came to JPL.

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Introduction to the state of the art in computing focusing on hardware and its architecture, operating systems, memory management, standard programming language and programmable software environment (PSE); Machine representation of numbers and characters. IEEE Floating point numbers; ASCII characters. Variables and Types; I/O Functions and Formating; Arithmetic Operators; Forming Arithmetic Expressions; Using Variables and Arithmetic Operators and Built-In Library Functions; Operators for Implementing Decision Making; Logical expressions and control; Implementing Loops and Repetitive Processes; Tools for Modular Programming; Data Sharing/Passing Mechanisms; Functions, Pointers, Arrays, Structures Strings; File and Disk I/O Operations; Introduction to selected PSE platform, basic programming, execution and debugging; Iteration using variants of loops; Writing script Files and Creation of User-defined Functions; Flow control statements; Data Structures and Management; Scientific Visualization; Interfacing hardware with PSE; Notions of Parallel Processing.

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DWT has traditionally been implemented by convolution Suchan implementation demands both a large number of computations and a large storage features that are notdesirable for either high-speed or low-power applications.

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Elements of Mechatronics systems: overview of Instrumentation, Electromechanical, and Information Systems.
Actuators: Mechanical, Electromechanical, Electrical, Fluid power and Thermal systems; Characteristics, study and analysis in time and frequency domains.
Sensors and Transducers: characteristics, design and applications; Signal conditioning, A/D, D/A conversions.
Miniaturization: Micromachining and fabrication processes, Introduction to MEMS and MOEMS, Technology and Applications.
Industrial Data Networks: Inter-device communications and Data logging.
Systems and Controllers: Process Controllers, Programmable Logic Controllers, DCS, SCADA, and CNC Systems; Introduction to Computer Integrated Manufacturing.

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Simulation results show that the proposed method has a considerable superiority over conventional techniques.

Key words: Cohen - Coon method, FOPDT process, IMC method , Ziegler-Nichols method

[1] K.

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PID tuning formulas are derived for first order plus delay time (FOPDT) processes based on IMC principle and comparing it with the tuning methods proposed by Ziegler-Nichols' and Cohen Coon .