Many of the UFOlogists work for MUFON.

A change in human relationships: There may be more cooperation among the peoples of the world and among people in the same nation, community and neighborhood as they join together to face a common threat and to commiserate with one another. As General Douglas MacArthur said in the New York Times, October 9, 1955,

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Today the unknown flying objects -UFOs continue to visit us, on a regular basis.

If UFOs are hostile, some of the implications might be:

nothing new is presented in the article. It is unfortunate that this particular article will be read by so many, from the pages of "Airman" magazine and from the special "True" magazine reproduction of the article. [25] The author of the article has attempted to review years of complicated debate in five pages. The article is offered as the "truth." The author asks, "Are flying saucers fact or fiction? What does the Air Force know about them? Read on, and then form your own judgments." Unfortunately, many readers will do just that. Some of the most intensely debated aspects of the UFO problem are perfunctorily brushed aside. How this is done in the article can be illustrated by the following statements in the article. Note that the author does several things in this statement: ridicules the rationality of Believers; implies that the reader should not associate himself with the Believers (This is the "demented by association" ploy mentioned earlier); presents a faulty analogy; exposes his own closed mind with reference to the possibility that science may progress beyond the Twentieth Century; leaves the questions unanswered; tries to cause the reader to come to an "obvious" conclusion which is incorrect.

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It can be seen that there are certain inscrutabilities in the Air Force credo. From time to time, the Air Force tries to clarify its position, all the while clinging to its credo. An article appeared in the July 1967 issue of "Airman" magazine, official magazine of the Air Force. [24] The magazine is published monthly by the Internal Information Division, Directorate of Information, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force. Although there is the usual official disclaimer, the editor of the magazine, in a note preceding the article on UFOs, states that the author has done admirably in presenting an article which tells the truth about UFOs and what the Air Force knows about them. The article uses several of the ploys encountered in the Non-Believer literature. It begins by citing examples of UFO reports which were subsequently definitely resolved as misidentification of common objects. The reader is then to extrapolate these cases to the unknowns. hoaxes are mentioned. the planet Venus is mentioned. The Air Force statistical listing is mentioned. Many of the arguments against UFOs are presented. . . arguments which have become classic over the years. there is

The current probable location of Nibiru (Planet X, our tenth) estimated by both was the same.
Referring to a methodical investigation which he proposes, Dr. Hynek says the following:

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The emphasis in this group is on establishing for the populace that UFOs do exist. the interest of this group is in feasibility, technology and the establishment of motive or intent. Their general approach is documentation of sightings, description of incidents, establishment of witness credibility and sincere requests for a thorough and methodical investigation.

25. Cleve Mitchell, "The UFO Saga" (Lakemont, Georgia:CSA Press, 1966), p. 84.

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This is really the first time I have tried to express my thoughts on what exactly is behind the UFO phenomenon. It took me a long time to consider writing such thoughts down; indeed, it took some time to come to this understanding. I offer this piece as a speculation. I do not pretend that I have any better claim to the truth than the next theorist. I will say, however, that I would offer my interpretation against any others, and haven't really found anyone else making this argument. As far as I can tell, the argument I present is unique. As always, I am interested in comments from interested readers. This article appeared in the June/July 2002 issue of UFO Magazine.

30. Richard H. Hall, "The UFO Evidence" (Washington, D. C.: NICAP, 1964).


Certain competent lay members of society will also be heard. One such individual is John G. Fuller, a journalist recently turned free-lance UFO investigator, and the author of "Incident at Exeter" [56] and "The Interrupted Journey." [57] Both these works are examples of objective reportage. Mr. Fuller has added significantly to the UFO literature with his moderate approach. In "Incident at Exeter" Mr. Fuller very carefully documents the sighting at Exeter, New Hampshire, in September 1965. The documentation is exhaustive, containing numerous interviews with people who were witnesses to the sighting, containing a detailed explanation