“Revisiting the Architectural Thesis: Five Myths”

Eisenman discusses the difference between “practice” and a “project,” which he defines as an architect-led attitude towards a design, more like a thesis than an ordinary commission.

They gave their valuable comments on student�s final projects.

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“Revisiting the Discipline of Architecture”

Thesis Research involves the construction of a critical context in which the Thesis Proposal is further investigated by the student. This context contains; inquiry, exploration, attitude, analysis, problem solving, methodology and theorization that culminates in a proposal with architectural implications. It should document the critical thinking and design research that will serve as the basis of Thesis Studio. The work done as part of the Thesis Research culminates in the Theorem which constitutes part I of the final Thesis Book and should be properly documented as such including its eventual formatting appropriate to the Thesis Book Guidelines.

How To Do a Master’s Project in Architecture, 2008/2009

Thesis Projects assistance is provided to all categories in computer science though it has wide type some of its categories are spoken in detail.

“The Profession and the Discipline of Architecture: Practice & Education”

Thesis Project | Architecture Student Chronicles

Specific and detailed project guidelines and objectives may differ according to the specific focus of each thesis design studio. These guidelines and objectives are specified in the Faculty Studio Prospecti provided for each fifth-year design studio, and in the course syllabi issued at the beginning of the Fall quarter by each instructor.

Thesis Project| Architecture Student Chronicles ..

The fifth-year thesis studios offer quality, rigor, and relevance to the architectural profession across a range of academic and/or professional content. The goal of each is to help you, both professionally and personally, adapt to and work successfully within the discipline of architecture.

Stages of Design to be followed in Architectural Thesis Project

Thesis Research is an independent examination that begins with the Thesis Proposal developed in Thesis Prep. It is a demonstration of the student's ability to conduct effective research using largely secondary sources, combining knowledge from one or more fields and applying it to understanding what architecture has been, is, and might become.

“A project is a lifelong thing; if you see it, you will only see it at the end”

“On the Practices of Representing and Knowing Architecture”

From the perspective of a graduate student at the end of his thesis semester, Lavin’s position on thesis and “either very poignant commentary on the current state of architecture and architecture education OR the most demoralizing pep-talk [the author has] ever been a part of.”

“The Form and Structure of Architectural Knowledge: from Discipline to Architecture”

University of Washington Architecture Thesis Requirements, 2008

Students entering Thesis Prep must successfully pass the Architecture Culture sequence, and fulfilled all requirements to co-register for ARCH 4014.

“The key project of the architectural school today is the making of audiences, not architects”

A List Of Impressive Thesis Topic Ideas In Architecture

Essay dispelling the five myths of the architectural thesis: the myth of linear process; the myth of complexity; the myth of the singular, synthetic solution; the myth of total originality; and the myth of playing it safe.