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One form of distance learning, on-line education (courses offered over the Internet), has caught the eye of the public and is forcing educators to reevaluate the present state of the educational system.

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Online Education versus Traditional Education Traditional Education Thesis statement.

online versus traditional education thesis statement

The reasons for the huge growth of online education is money even though online education targeted working adults that have little or no time to sit in a traditional classroom for millions of men and women serving in the armed forces online education has made earning a degree much more possible.

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Queen and Lewis found (2011), “74% of school districts with distance education programs planned to expand online offerings over the next 3 years.” However, although many students and instructors are using online education, the debate about the efficiency of online instruction comparing with that by traditional mode still going on as online education does not achieved univers...

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A thesis is never a question; it could be the answer to a question Determine whether the following is a good or poor thesis statement The education system in the U.S Poor A thesis statement is not just a topic!
Committee on Conceptual Framework for the New K-12 Science Education Standards; National Research Counci.

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There are over 200 online universities on the World Wide Web, but how can it truly be discovered whether or not these online institutions offer viable forms of education.

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Nov 29, 2011 · Source(s): thesis statement online traditional education: In reply to this question, Thesis statement on online vs traditional education?.

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Prospective students view the non-traditional approach, or the online option, as a way to not only further their formal education but also as a means to expand their opportunities and advance their careers.

Online education has a number of benefits for students such as low cost, convince as well as flexibility that traditional universities do not offer.

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Free Essay Reviews. ESSAY Traditional Education Versus Online Revise your introduction and include in it a thesis that reflects what your essay.
Essays On Online Learning Vs Traditional Online Education Versus Traditional Education Thesis statement on online vs Traditional Learning vs. Online Learning.
What is your thesis statement? Online education allow students to learn at his or her time and availability, while traditional education make students.
Online education is also known as distance learning and consists of taking classes via the internet. a traditional education might be the better.
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