Justin Sears, 2015. (TSRI, Department of Chemistry) Thesis: "

A one-semester chemistry course for engineering students covering the fundamental principles and concepts of chemistry important to engineering applications. Lecture topics include atomic and molecular structure, solution chemistry, equilibrium, oxidation-reduction, thermochemistry; intermolecular forces; electrochemistry; radiochemistry; polymers; metallic bonding and alloys; chemical diffusion and kinetics. Lecture three hours, Lab three hours.

or equivalent course; one year of organic chemistry. Spring only.

1. Acceptance as a graduate student by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry;

Must be a Chemistry graduate student or have instructor permission

Richard T. Beresis, 1996-1998, Ph.D. 1996, Boston University (J. Panek). NIH postdoctoral fellowship, 1996-1998. Research Scientist, Merck Research Laboratories, Rahway, NJ (1998-2009). Current Position: Senior Director, Medicinal Chemistry, ChemPartner, Shanghai, China (2009-present).

Master of Science in Chemistry ..

Modern instrumentation and methods for chemical analysis. Function of electronics and computers in instruments. Theory and use of instruments in the areas of electrochemistry, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and chromatography. Lecture two hours, laboratory six hours.

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Master's Degree in Chemistry, Non-Thesis Option

Note: Students may also complete a BA with a concentration in Biochemistry by taking the general BA curriculum and completing the following additional courses:

Chemistry - Graduate Studies - Western Illinois University

David Kastrinsky, 2005. (TSRI, Department of Chemistry). Thesis: "Synthesis of CC-1065 and Duocarmycin Analogues." Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health (2005-present).

The Vederas Group - Chemistry - Faculty of Science

Kevin Capps, 2005. (TSRI, Department of Chemistry). Thesis: "I. Discovery of Novel AICAR Tfase Inhibitors. II. Synthesis of a Pyrrolidine-3, 4-dicarboxamide Library." William and Sharon Bauce Family Fellowship 2001-2005.

Students taking  to fulfill the Biochemistry requirment MUST take BOTH  AND .

Master of Science in Chemistry | 2017-18 CSULB Catalog

My PhD work is focused on the study of an important class of biological targets, tyrosine kinases, and their interaction with anticancer drugs, using a powerful combination of computation and experiments.

Best Master's Degrees in Chemistry 2018

Brendan Crowley, 2005. (TSRI, Department of Chemistry). Thesis: "I. Total Synthesis of the Ristocetin Aglycon. II. Total and Semisynthetic Analogs of the Vancomycin Aglycon Effective Against Vancomycin Resistant Bacteria." Fletcher Jones Foundation Fellowship, 2003-2004. Bristol-Myers Squibb Graduate Fellowship in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, 2004-2005. Postdoctoral Fellow, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research (S. Danishefsky), New York, NY (2005-2008). Current Position: Research Scientist, Merck, West Point, PA (2008-present)

Master of Science (MSc) in Chemistry 2-years …

John Trzupek, 2006. (TSRI, Department of Chemistry). Thesis: "Part I: Efficient Synthesis of the DEF Ring System of Complestatin. Part II: Alkylation Properties of (+)- and ent-(?)-Yatakemycin in Protein-Free DNA and in Nucleosome Core Particles." NDSEG Fellowship, 2002-2005. Postdoctoral Fellow, Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research (S. Danishefsky), New York, NY (2006-2007). Current Position: Research Scientist, Wyeth, Cambridge, MA (2008-present)