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Madison proposed to grant Congress the power "toestablish public institutions, rewards, and immunities for the promotion of ,"strongly suggesting that the members understood the term "commerce"to mean trade or exchange, distinct from the productive processes that made thethings to be traded.

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a requirement for the office thesis for switching.

It is objective insofar as it looks to thepublic meaning conveyed by the words used in the Constitution, rather than tothe subjective intentions of its framers or ratifiers.

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But, at best, evidence of theframers' and ratifiers' (as distinct from evidence of howthey used the words they used) is circumstantial evidence of meaning while atworst it can distract from the words of the document that were actuallyemployed.

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What is the meaning of "amongthe several States"?

As I shall discuss next,the reach of even a broad conception of "commerce" is confined by themeaning of the rest of the clause--that is, by the phrases "among theseveral States" and "To regulate."

And what is the meaning of "To regulate"?

And it is striking the degree to which these authors, whose tone isnothing if not self-righteous towards those who do not share their views,completely ignore the evidence of usage that the records of the drafting andratification process reveal.

Let the merchants tell you what is our commerce.

Space prevents me from considering inany detail Crosskey's indictment of the Progressive Era Court's Commerce Clausedoctrines and of anyone else who disagreed with his conception of nationalpower--especially James Madison, whom Crosskey repeatedly and withoutfoundation accused of fabricating his notes of the debates in theConstitutional Convention.

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Define thesis: contention, contestation.

Often this is done by "channeling the framers," that is,by hypothesizing what the framers would have intended had they been presentedwith the case at hand.

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Moreover, it is difficult to imaginethat John Marshall, much less the founders, believed that the term"commerce" in the Constitution embraced commercialintercourse or form of intercourse.

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at the time the particular provision was adopted.

Textualanalysis of the Commerce Clause strongly supports a conclusion that the phrase"among the several States" refers to "between people ofdifferent states." If this phrase included commerce between people of thesame state that takes place wholly within a single state, the Commerce Clausewould then embrace all commerce.