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Feature selection as an area of interest within pattern recognition, deals with selection of a subset of attributes used in construction of a model describing observations. The purpose of this stage includes reducing data dimensionality by removing irrelevant and redundant features, reducing the amount of learning data, improving predictive accuracy and comprehensibility of a classification hypothesis. This thesis introduces feature usability index as a measure for evaluating classification efficacy of features and its application in feature selection. It is defined using measures of homogeneity, class specificity, and error in decision making. Homogeneity measures the extent of outlying observations, class specificity assesses the separation between distributions of different labeled classes, and error in decision making is computed using overlap in posteriori decision boundary. First application presents optimal feature subset selection through ordering based on feature usability index and involves a complexity of O(D log D) for D features. A comparative analysis with χ2 statistics for feature selection is also presented. Second application uses feature usability index for ranking and selection of feature extraction techniques for a specific linguistic feature. Third application presents a modification termed color usability index as a measure for predicting performance of image segmentation algorithms using a specific color space.

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As access to information and digital tools expand globally, the current paradigms of learning and training are being disrupted. New mediums are radically changing the way we approach learning and could have a deep significance on education in the coming years. Amongst them, serious games are increasingly being used as learning tools for a wide range of situations, by embracing the playful attributes of games and applying them complex problems. These games offer immersive learning environments that promote exploration, experimentation and reflection. However, to fully be acknowledged as viable learning tools, serious games still have to address some legitimate questions regarding their proven effectiveness and usability. In collaboration with Tygron, a serious game development firm, these questions are explored and researched how to help new players reach effective learning experiences through a design concept: the responsive game design. The responsive game design describes a set of principles linking game design to cognitive and emotional requirements. The responsive game design aims to address the shortcomings of serious games by designing them around their core goals: learn and engage.

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Finally, following bottle squeezing, external materials on the bottle tip are sucked back into the medication container - contaminating it for any further use.[14, 17] Sprayed or atomized intranasal medication delivery is a more recent technique adopted by the pharmaceutical industry due to improved usability issues as well as improved bioavailability data.

Mariam advises Remake on content and experience design strategy. She’s focused on usability and the delivery of content for the Remake brand.

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