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Untangling the molecular nature of sperm-egg interactions is fundamental if we are to understand fertilization. These phenomena have been studied for many years using biochemical approaches such as antibodies and ligands that interact with sperm or with eggs and their vestments. However, when homologous genetic recombination techniques were applied, most of the phenotypic factors of the gene-manipulated animals believed "essential" for fertilization were found to be dispensable. Of course, all biological systems contain redundancies and compensatory mechanisms, but as a whole the old model of fertilization clearly requires significant modification. In this review, we use the results of gene manipulation experiments in animals to propose the basis for a new vision

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The Asilidae are a family in the order Diptera, the true flies

The common name for members of the family is the robber flies

Four-day-old chicken embryos (6-10 developing eggs) injected with several dose levels of palladium(II) chloride (PdCl2H2O) above and below the estimated LD50 (>20 mg/egg) and examined grossly for abnormalities (until the 18th day of incubation) showed no apparent signs of teratogenicity (Ridgway & Karnofsky, 1952).

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"The Chinese discovered how to make silk thousands of years ago. The trail travelled by the merchants who brought it to Europe for the Romans and others was called the Silk Road. Two European monks were sent to China in the sixth century A.D. to discover the secret of silk. They managed to steal some silkworm eggs which they hid inside a hollow bamboo and brought the silk moth to Europe."

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Effects recorded in rodents and rabbits after short-term exposure to various palladium compounds refer mainly to changes in biochemical parameters (e.g., decrease in activity of hepatic microsomal enzymes or yield of microsomal protein). Clinical signs were sluggishness, weight loss, haematoma or exudations. Changes in absolute and relative organ weights and anaemia also occurred. One compound (sodium tetrachloropalladate(II) complexed with egg albumin) caused deaths in mice. Effective concentrations were in the milligram per kilogram body weight range. Histopathological effects have been observed in liver, kidney, spleen or gastric mucosa of rats 28 days after daily oral administration of 15 or 150 mg tetraammine palladium hydrogen carbonate ([Pd(NH3)4](HCO3)2)/kg body weight. Additionally, an increase in absolute brain and ovary weights at the 1.5 and 15 mg/kg body weight doses has been found.

Genome-wide association study for egg production and quality in layer chickens

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We visited each of these five “focal colonies” at night, when attendance is highest, recording the number of adults present (birds in juvenile plumage were never present), band numbers if visible, and the number of active nests with eggs and the number with nestlings.

In many nematodes the first molt usually occurs in the egg and it is the second-stage ..

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If one looks into all the messages posted here, he/she will find that more than 90% messages related to Dr. Khalid Rashid are against him. This shows his character and work. He might be poineer of Dept. of CS but it does not mean he can do whatever he likes there. Students are paying money to study in CS, they are not beggers or slaves of Mr. Rashid. He is a clever person and has strong contacts with some authorities and he needs it for sure to survive. I know him he will not leave easily like any other dictator but if our Govt. is really sincere and makes brave investigation there will be many proofs aginst Mr. Rashid. Students might do very little in this regard since games are played at higher levels.
Look dear Pakistanis we should be brave enough to admit and correct what is wrong no matter who is doing it. If we will keep on hiding our culprits by being afraid of shame then chances of correction are very minor. Let the people talk openly, everybody knows that majority of Pakistanis is not corrupt. Pls. be serious and objective, we can not impress to other people by giving long theories of Islam rather it will be our character according to Islam that can impress others.
This is one test of our leaders that how much they are sincere to Islam and Pakistan. Let us see whether they do dirty politics again and try to bury this matter or show courage and vision and do open investigation into this matter and take just action. Let us see together with International Community.
May Allah guide and bless to all of us.