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(That is, with the lone exception of the "ignorant slut" comment above, and that, of course, was a comedic nod to Canadian Dan Aykroyd.)]

Oh yeah, and Earl, while I'm on the subject, sadly, I must conclude, you don't know shit about business either (you can add that to list of other things you don't know much about: politics, baseball, economics, manners, humility, diplomacy, etc.) It's not the MULTINATIONAL CORPORATE GIANTS that keep this country on top; it's the hard work of it's citizenry, a lot of good fortune (eg, plentiful resources, two oceans as buffers from potential enemies, and friendly neighbors like Canada & Mexico), the freedoms we enjoy (see Bill of Rights), our progressive immigration policies that help us continually reinvigorate our culture, respect for property rights, and our vibrant small business community.

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The Gamehendge saga, as told on album, tells the story ofColonel Forbin, a retired colonel from , , who enters the land of Gamehendgeand rescues a document called the Helping Friendly Bookfrom an evil dictator named Wilson.

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Have they played anything rare or interesting?Date: Thurs, July 18, 2002, 12:26:46
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Friend of mine has "The Nightfly" music book, and it lists the opening to "The Goodbye Look" as played by a marimba.

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The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, Trey Anastasio 1988