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This project will be particularly useful to the human resource managers in these banks. We know that human resource management, in an organization, focuses on recruitment, management of, and direction of the workers of an organization. This function can be executed by line managers, in some organizations (). Another important function of human resources management is hiring of new employees. When conducted effectively, HR Management would enhance employees’ be effectiveness and productivity to the general company direction. This is necessary for an organization to accomplish its goals and objectives (). For this reason, I think this project area is important. It also relates to my profession in view of my need to learn in preparation for future employment ().

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Although this research is highly based on qualitative research methods, a small extent of quantitative research techniques was still involved. Quantitative research refers to inquiries which attempt to test theories by means of numerical measurements and statistical analyses. Such numerical measurements and statistical analyses are aimed at determining the level of truth in theories, laws and generalizations (Creswell, 1994). There are a number of quantitative research methods that have since been put up by research experts for use in research activities. The choice for a particular method often depends largely on the topic of research and partly on other factors such as resources available, skills or training available to researchers and the type of target audience. The methods available include: experiments, quasi experiments and surveys (Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill, 2007).

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Ransara, G.B.M., K.A.S. Kodikara, L.P. Jayatissa, S. Hettiarachi, P. Vinobaba, N. Koedam & F. Dahdouh-Guebas, 2012. Evaluating the local use of mangroves as a source firewood in Sri Lanka. : 149.

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(RUG + KBIN) Treatment of the - non processed nor published - existing borehole data available at the Belgian Geological Survey carried out in and around the site of Tell ed D?r : drawing of the borelogs, correlation in cross-sections, interpretation and identification of natural and anthropogenetic units. Supplemented by the archaeological identification and age determination.

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12-13/10/2002. Boston : meeting of H. Gasche with J.A. Armstrong and D.A. Warburton. It was decided to supply the eclipse data to Dr. Fred Espinak (NASA) in order that he reexamines the different solar and lunar eclipses utilised by different scholars in their proposals about Mesopotamian Chronology (2nd millennium).

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1.2. (RUG + KBIN) The cartographic data of the Mesopotamian Plain will be made gradually available on the internet in the form of a Scalable Vector Graphics file for each map sheet of 20 x 20 km. This form of publication (Web Mapping) stands for high resolution quality, a degree of interactivity and a cheap and efficient way of dissemination.