During the war, Saddam Hussein created an alliance with the U.S.

The fragments of destroyed Muskogean tribes fled to Florida, amalgamating with the Apalachee remnants, and became the Seminole. On his own initiative, Jackson attacked and took the British fort at Pensacola on the way to New Orleans. He wanted Florida, and was dismayed that he did not get it after the Battle of New Orleans. Not to be thwarted, Jackson invaded Florida in 1818, which was a Spanish possession at the time. John Quincy Adams was James Monroe’s Secretary of State when Jackson invaded Florida. Jackson had no authority to invade Florida as he had. Jackson had committed an unprovoked act of war against Spain, which he prosecuted with exceptional brutality. Jackson, like and others before him, cited Old Testament stories to justify his actions, imagining that he was some kind of avenger for Jehovah. After his stint as president ended, Jackson in comparing Indians to wolves, and in the great tradition of American presidents, he advocated the complete extermination of the Indians, especially the women and children, writing that to fail to do so was the equivalent of hunting a "wolf in the hamocks without knowing first where her den and whelps were."

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As we look on the invasion many Americans were very enthusiastic about going to war with Iraq.

Should we have another repeat of the Vietnam War.

The coverage of the bombing attacks of 1998 was a much different affair than it was in 1991, or the saber rattling during the winter of 1997-1998. What happened in December 1998 literally made me sick. They impeached Clinton for the wrong crime. That time nearly the entire world was against America. Clinton, with a straight face, told America that the bombs we were dropping in Iraq as he spoke were dropped to protect Iraq's neighbors. Not one of Iraq's "threatened" neighbors voiced approval of the bombing. They all said to stop bombing Iraq. Even nations that supposedly hated Saddam Hussein, such as Syria and Iran, protested what the USA and the UK were doing. They knew that a devastated nation of starving people posed little threat to them, and the writing on the wall was obvious: if they displeased the USA, they could end up just like Iraq.

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Since our attack on Iraq in December of 1998, there was a continuous series of air battles and skirmishes between the USA and Iraq. The best analysis of events takes into consideration the USA's global political-economic aims and those of its junior partner, the UK. The reason the Bush administration did not with Iraq is that . George Bush the First said that the Persian Gulf War demonstrated that, "What we say, goes." If one possesses the superior means of violence, there is no need to negotiate. Negotiation is even avoided, because the very nature of negotiation means giving up something. If one has the monopoly on violent means, the ultimatum is delivered: do it our way, or we destroy you.

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The Iran-Iraq War began in 1980 when Iraqi forces invaded Iran (Britannica).

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While tribes were regularly exterminated, some scattered survivors eked out existences here and there, to give rise to tribes/nations making a “comeback” today, and the Taino, Huron, and Wampanoag are examples of this trend. It can be seen as a healthy trend (although the casino phenomenon is anything but auspicious), there is reason for skepticism toward some claims, but critiques of white people appropriating Native American culture are accurate. I am nearly an eighth Native American myself (Creek tribe, and perhaps a bit of another), although native blood in the family was something that my ancestors vehemently denied. The “taint” is obvious in some of my relatives; their bloodlines are supposedly all from Northern Europe, but some could have been convincing extras in . Although I have some native blood, I write this essay as a white American, which I consider myself to be.

Soon after, in 1990, Iraq invaded the country of Kuwait, which led to the Gulf War.

Iraq Invasion: A “Just War” or Just a War?

According to then Secretary-General Kofi Annan, the Iraq War was “not in conformity with the United Nations charter (and) from (their) point of view, from the charter point of view, it was illegal” (BBC News, 2004)....

A lot of Americans feel that the War on Terror and our presence in Iraq has lasted too long.

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