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But what I want to distinguish here is something called “sickness behavior,” that is very similar to what we diagnose now in DSM-4 as depression. (3)

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Discussion and Conclusion My reasoning for women to be able to take better care of their health is because they are the ones that take care of the family when a kid is sick or even the husband.

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We hope a discussion of the politics of the adrenochrome hypothesis will alert the leaders of the medical establishment of the problem. At once we want to make it clear there was no paranoid conspiracy involved. There was no single person or single estab-lishment orchestrating the opposition to the adrenochrome hypothesis. What might appear to be a conspiracy was rather a spir-ited defence by the establishment as if it had a leader. They were impelled by the need to maintain the establishment. They have attacked other investigators as well, as have establishments elsewhere. But two institutions, the National Institute of Men-tal Health and the American Psychiatric Association, have taken a leading role, and a few of their members like S. Kety, L. Mosher and M. Lipton have been most ac-tive. The first two were very influential within the NIMH and the last chaired the APA committee for the APA report. Fortu-nately, Dr. Linus Pauling entered the field in 1966, especially after he published his paper “Orthomolecular Psychiatry” in Sci-ence, 1968.

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Mitophagy is the selective degradation of mitochondria by autophagy