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Our findings suggest that new proteins are synthesized to replace degraded proteins while swimming and waiting in the female reproductive tract before fertilization, or produced due to the specific needs of the capacitating spermatozoa.

cDNA cloning is isolating and ..

the challenge of cDNA cloning is not the isolation of any cDNA but the selection of a ..

cDNA (Complementary DNA) - Human Genes

For example, artificial flagellae have been reported for gene transfection of human embryonic kidney HEK 293 cells, through the transport of pDNA-loaded lipoplexes and for the cargo-release of calcein-loaded liposomes to single mouse myoblasts . Mg-based micromotors were also successfully used to deliver drugs in a mouse stomach to treat bacterial infections. However, considering the application of cancer treatment in the female reproductive tract, sperms are more suitable candidates to transport drugs than purely synthetic micromotors as they are naturally adapted to swim in such environment and possess practical advantages such as payload protection and reduced cytotoxicity thanks to their compact membrane.

The term cDNA refers to complementary DNA

Memory is probably the single most important brain process. It defines our personality, gives us the sense of individuality and determines our actions. Yet memory also fails us: we forget birthdays or the name of someone we met the day before. By contrast, there are incidents that we recall with clarity even decades later. For instance, we remember 9-11, but surprisingly we also recall details such as where we were that day and what we were doing, while we do not from September 11 in other years. It is now appreciated that synthesis of new proteins in the synapses while a memory is being formed is critical for making the memory last, a process that is reinforced by emotional input, but what the proteins entail and how they act remains poorly understood.

of articles have reported evidence for the correlation of nuclear-encoded mRNA and protein synthesis in somatic mitochondria.

The purpose is to empirically detect expression of ..

Compared to purely synthetic micromotors or other carriers, the sperm-hybrid micromotor proposed here can encapsulate high concentrations of drug inside the sperm membrane and hence protect it from the dilution in the body fluids and enzyme degradation.

Maskless Array Synthesis from NimbleGen Systems has ..

A National Framework for Communicable Disease ControlTo have a healthier population by protecting Australians from the health, social and economic impacts of communicable diseasesTo strengthen our defences against communicable diseasesAchieving the goal requires:Each objective can be achieved through key outcomes:Objective 1.

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Dietary administration of oltipraz, a synthetic antioxidant which protects against aflatoxin-hepatocarcinogenesis served as an inducer of GST Yc2.

The liver synthesizes and regulates the plasma levels of ceruloplasmin, the major copper-binding protein in serum and cerebrospinal fluid.

Is a random primer or oligo(dT) better for RT ..

To confirm nuclear transport of the ADM-proteasome complex, the authors synthesized a photoactive ADM analog, N-(p-azidobenzoyl)-ADM, and generated a photoaffinity-labeled proteasome complex.

Labeling the probe during cDNA synthesis by ..

The authors concluded that although many HCC patients displaying P53 mutations also suffer from HBV infection, which itself can lead to rearrangement of P53 coding regions or induce the synthesis of viral proteins possibly interacting with p53, the specific G to T transversion within codon 249 of the P53 gene seems to directly reflect the extent of AFB1 exposure and is not pathognomonic for all HCCs.

The cDNA concentration range might vary according with your cDNA ..

At the cellular level, copper inhibits a large number of enzymes and interferes with several aspects of plant biochemistry (including photosynthesis, pigment synthesis and membrane integrity) and physiology (including interference with fatty acids, protein metabolism and inhibition of respiration and nitrogen fixation processes).