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Quantuam physics–we are talking about things smaller than electrons.. operate under different "physics"laws than we use on Earth.. the kind of rules that are Alice in Wonderland..up maybe down– spac and time are 2 ways of looking at the very same thing–that kind of thing–I cannot explain it..but , science may eventually–as it finds "observable" subatamic data and establishes a separate or special form of the Scientific Method and tools–right now we have very blunt instruments for regualr folks –digital cameras and such–even IR etc.. and even the very best equipment used by NASA, CERN etc may help provide the the type of ifnormation that is discovered by those theoretical phsycists that eventually helps us make sense of what we get very quick "fleeting" observations of "in the ghost field.. but, thought exercise and field investigation…and parnaormal researchers who want to work as scientists would do would do better by learning form regualr science–how to do formal reserach.. less hoarding of their work –more sharing and setting up formal international protocols for real'research" even given the limited data they have. As for people like me –an amateur paranormal Natualist" I feel. Obsrvations, feelings, recoridngs, etc and am willing to live with uncertainty of probability that there is afterlife and we sruvive intelligently somehow– but will never ever no matter how manny wraiths or sounds I get on tape tell another human being that I a m"sure" their house is haunted..I cannot be sure..because there isnot a body of scientifically, peer reviewed data that is good enough for me touse as a bsis fr studying this scientifically. I think there is a strong possibility that we "get" sometimes things we don't have ready answers for or that are not "normal" inthe sense of the way our Earth works phsyics -wise. But it is aleap of logic to go from that idea to saying you know for sure…when i began having such horrible migraine aruas before I thougt of the supernatural, iwent to the Medline , National LIbrary of Medicnie on line and learned more aobut migraine and that it and seizures could cause these "hallucinations"..but there is a long history..going back many years and it has been replicated under controled codnitions in the lab of academic medicine– paranormal right now cannot.

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What does it mean when you see a Red orb fly behind a person from the ceiling to the floor?

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Hi, I was wondering if some one could answer this question. does anyone know what a black orb means? I havent seen it myself, but our grand daughter is 14 months old, and for about the last 6 months, my husband, grandad, has been seeing little black orbs floating around her face on a regular basis. sometimes they are there and some times they are not. I was nursing her on my knee one day and he said that there was one floating around her forhead, but I could not see it. Does anyone know what it could be!!!, thanks Kimmy

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I had a dream last night that I was at my wedding, and in real life I'm not even married. I'm only 18 but in the dream my whole family was there and it's in a church, kind of angled down. as I'm walking down these stairs/aisle I see something quite unusual. it's my grandfather who has been deceased since I was about 6. in the dream when I see him I can't help but to start crying. the weird thing is my whole family is aware that he's there for my wedding too. they are all staring up at me, and next thing I know he's gone. as I sit in the aisle next to a cousin I begin to cry again. I ask how it was posible, and they tell me at first they all saw a pink rubbery orb/ball floating at one of the pews/seats next to them and he appeared. as they were saying this, I see the same exact thing. it is going up the aisle and it stops directly in front of me. I can actually feel the orb, it feels as if it were made of a verry soft rubber and looks like as if it were two circles intertwined. in this circle I see an image of my grandfather smiling at me. I feel his arm around me squeezing me tight hugging me. I begin to cry again. this is when I wakeup from my dream, only to see I am still in tears. I still felt his arms around me as I woke up. will someone PLEASE tell me what this means. it will mean alot if you told me or made an attempt. u can get ahold of me at my email . thank you

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It’s so good to hear that you’ve had such a positive response with taking both vitamin D and magnesium. For me the biggest relief has been that on my skin as well as other allergies and pains. My chronic eczema always used to greatly improve when I went to Turkey and I always associated it with just being a healthy climate and was not aware of the impact that vitamin D has on every cell and tissue in the body.
After doing my own research, I took 2200iu daily for 6 months raising my 25 (OH)D level from 22 to 73 nmol/l. However my sciatica was getting worse but I was strongly advised by my GP not to take more than 800iu per day and that 2200iu was too high! Against my GP’s advice I started taking 8800iu daily (100 times her recommendation!) and have taken this does for the last 6 weeks. Not only is my sciatica so much better but my eczema, sinus pains, other pains in body, breathing, food allergies, energy as well as other undiagnosed symptoms, have improved dramatically!! I almost feel like a new person, it’s incredible. All those years of suffering, if only I had known the benefits of vitamin D before! I am so disappointed with my GP who advised against taking high doses and said she hoped my sciatica wouldn’t lead to surgery!! I will get my vitamin D levels checked again privately (not through my GP) in about 2 weeks to see if I have attained optimum levels (around 125nmol/l). I assume that around 1000iu daily therafter should be enough for me to maintain that level of vitamin D?

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Dear anna I can understand what you say, I have always been a quiet and sensitive girl scared of the dark and secretly beleiving in spirits. I have grown into my early twenties now and with all my experiences combined I have become more open with my family and close freinds about what I have witnessed but only a few people. My whole family has always looked at me as being highly intellectual and sensitive to feelings, but I still feel that I can't reveal my true self to many because some people i start to tell things to get a confused look to their face and they seem to tell themselves " I thought I knew this person but now I'm not so sure." The only person I can talk freely about it with is my mother in law who is of strong cherokee heritage but due to the hardships of her life she can be manipulative and deceiving when it comes to being social with people. Sometimes I think the only truths that come ot of her mouth are things that involve the paranormal. I am one who beleives in things just and fair and I start to feel very alone sometimes. I just wish Icould meet someone who truly knows what I feel. My husband had scarry experiences as a child so he does not like to talk about it at all. My mother in law says my children are very strong with "the gift" as she calls it, and I get tinges of excitement, knowing I'm not alone, and fear, also knowing that if a person gets too scared it can lead to isolation and I strive for my kids to be outgoing and happy in their future. I was one who became isolated and I have been working on this my whole life. I am farther in progressing toward having and keeping freinds but even those I met in high school and are stiil freinds with to this day do not know all about meIf you know what i mean. I don't want to scare people away with what i know to be true. I almost feel that my best freind is science because science is never wrong or judgemental. Thanks!

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The fact that some of these films providing negative or stereotypical portrayals of people, places and things of the American South are based on the works of Southern writers is also irrelevant. The relevant consideration here is who has the power to determine what movies are made and the content of those movies, and how has that power been exercised for the nearly 100 year history of the U.S. film industry. If, for example, there are 100 writers from the Southern region of the country writing about the South and fifty of them provide negative and stereotypical portrayals of people, places and things in the South, but the Hollywood moviemakers choose almost all of their movies from this group of fifty negative writers, as opposed to the group that provides more positive portrayals, what difference does it make, that the literary works on which the movies are based were written by someone from the South? This logical argument relating to the contributors to such film projects also applies to all of the other patterns of bias exhibited by Hollywood movies.