Order inwhich to write the proposal

22. Dissertation-style writing is not designed to be entertaining. Dissertationwriting should be clear and unambiguous. To do this well you should preparea list of key words that are important to your research and then your writingshould use this set of key words throughout. There is nothing so frustratingto a reader as a manuscript that keeps using alternate words to mean thesame thing. If you've decided that a key phrase for your research is "educationalworkshop", then do not try substituting other phrases like "in-serviceprogram", "learning workshop", "educational institute",or "educational program." Always stay with the same phrase -"educational workshop." It will be very clear to the reader exactlywhat you are referring to.

Order in which to write the proposal"III.

Order in whichto write the proposal. Proceed in the following order:This order may seem backwards.

Writing Thesis and Dissertation Proposals

Because most proposal writers seek funding from several different agencies or granting programs, it is a good idea to begin by developing a general grant proposal and budget. This general proposal is sometimes called a “white paper.” Your general proposal should explain your project to a general academic audience. Before you submit proposals to different grant programs, you will tailor a specific proposal to their guidelines and priorities.

The essential parts of a research proposal are generally standard:

Format the proposal so that it is easy to read. Use headings to break the proposal up into sections. If it is long, include a table of contents with page numbers.

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Final decisions about which proposals are funded often come down to whether the proposal convinces the reviewer that the research project is well planned and feasible and whether the investigators are well qualified to execute it. Throughout the proposal, be as explicit as possible. Predict the questions that the reviewer may have and answer them. Przeworski and Salomon (1995) note that reviewers read with three questions in mind:

Writing A Masters Thesis Proposal

Remember that most readers are lazy and will not respond well to a poorly organized, poorly written, or confusing proposal. Be sure to give readers what they want. Follow all the guidelines for the particular grant you are applying for. This may require you to reframe your project in a different light or language. Reframing your project to fit a specific grant’s requirements is a legitimate and necessary part of the process unless it will fundamentally change your project’s goals or outcomes.

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Something that many proposal review committees claim to care aboutis "does anyone care about your work?" In my opinion, the thing ofvalue that this question is getting at is "is this really an unknownthesis?" In my opinion, the answers to scientific questions and theincrease in humanity’s knowledge of truth is enough to care aboutanything. I don’t like to directly answer the "who cares" question,because I think it can blind us to fundamental research and itencourages us to follow fads and human tastes.

FAQs About Undergraduate Thesis Proposal Writing

Be sure to answer these questions in your proposal. Keep in mind that the reviewer may not read every word of your proposal. He/she may only read the abstract, the sections on research design and methodology, the vitae, and the budget. Make these sections as clear and straight forward as possible.

Writing Thesis and Dissertation Proposals

Although it is not strictly necessary for a thesis proposal to containany argument that you are capable of answering the truth of the thesisin a reasonable time, it can be useful for you and some proposalreview committees require it. It can be useful to you, so you don’tbite off more than you can chew. But, because it is not strictlynecessary, in my opinion, you should limit your plan to a sketch andyou should try to integrate it as much as possible into yourdiscussion of how to verify the thesis—essentially, you describe asketch of what method will use to verify it.