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The Lodi region is responsible for about 40% of the zinfandel grown in the entire state of California and Cuisine Noir has already written articles on . We’re giving you the jump on Zynthesis, another great Lodi zin, as the wine is set to move out of California and launch nationally. So if it’s not in a store near you now, remember the name because it will be soon.

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8th Place: DRY CREEK VINEYARD 2008"Heritage" ZINFANDEL
A number of tasters said they gave this wine a poor rating because itwas too tannic. On the other hand, I found it to be nicely balanced and thestructure of this wine was not a negative for me, but a positive. It'smedium ruby in color and displayed a nice fragrance of berries and sweetfruit. The wine is dry, another plus. The acidity adds a measure offirmness and the wine is not an alcoholic fruit bomb, two more plusses. Inoted this as being "a wine for adults" in a field with a numbers of"kid's wines." I gave this one-and-a-half stars on my three starscale, no stars being an standard quality, ordinary wine.

7th Place: JOEL GOTT 2008 California ZINFANDEL
Medium ruby in color, I found some ripe and mildly jammy notes in thisdry, somewhat low acid red wine. It's technically well-made, but if thegrapes don't have character, you wind up with a simple, superficial wine. It offers red fruit aromas and flavors, but it's shallow, soft and perfectlystandard. No stars.

6th Place: BOGLE 2008 Clarksburg ZINFANDEL
Medium- ruby in color, the nose shows aromas reminiscent of cocoa andchocolate. "Is this grape wine?" I wrote. Low in acidityand close to dry, it's a flat, chocolate-kiss-of-a-wine. I had a"minus sign" - as my rating of this, though there are numerousconsumers (can we call them "wine drinkers"?) who find this sort ofwine to be attractive. Not me. Sorry.

5th Place: CLINE 2009 California "Ancient Vines" ZINFANDEL
Medium ruby in color, this is another ripe, berryish, jammy redwine. It's low in acidity and a bit flat, with a smoky note to itsflavor. The ripe berry theme continues on the palate, with a hint ofoak. Fairly standard red...maybe worthy of a half star rating.

4th Place: ZICHICHI 2006 Dry Creek "Estate"ZINFANDEL
I was surprised to find the character of Lodi Zinfandel in a wine withthe Dry Creek appellation. It's redolent of dark chocolate and chocolatecovered berries. The wine might have a touch of sweetness, anotherdistraction for me. It's a big, fat, high octane wine which reminded memore of a Porto from the Douro Valley than it does of Dry Creek Zinfandel. It's certainly not a "table wine," but closer to a cocktail. Igave this a "minus" rating, as well. Sorry.

Medium ruby in color, there's a lightly berryish fragrance here with afaintly herbal undertone. This is dry and medium+ in body. Brightberry fruit on the palate and mild tannins...One star.

2nd Place: ZYNTHESIS 2009 Lodi ZINFANDEL
Clear in appearance, this is medium ruby red in color. Lots ofberries on the nose, with fragrances along the lines of raspberry. Dry,with a medium level of acidity, it's a medium-bodied red. Not especiallyprofound, but quite a pleasant, simple red wine. Lots of red fruitflavors, with notes of cherry and pomegranate on the palate. One star+. I'm usually "allergic" to Lodi, so this is a really pleasantsurprise. Nice that it's not spoofulated with fake oak...

1st Place: MARIETTA 2008 Sonoma County ZINFANDEL
Dark ruby in color and clear in appearance, this wine offered loads ofblackberry and raspberry fruit aromas. It's medium+ bodied and dry. The flavors feature blackberry fruit and it's reasonably soft on thepalate. While it doesn't have especially complex Zin fruit or spice, it'sa very pleasant red wine. One star+.

Klinker Brick Old Vine Zinfandel - A Classic Lodi Zin

Zynthesis Old Vine Zinfandel begins as a very characteristic Lodi wine. You’ll be hit with the fruit-forward, jammy flavor immediately at first sip. The 2011 sampled for this review is a little lighter than past vintages, but as seems to strive for consistency, the wine does measure up as a definitely sibling to the 2008 and 2009. The 2011 vintage is a blend of zinfandel from several vineyards and some of the wine has spent time in American Oak which adds subtle spice and vanilla notes to the wine. There’s also a color and tannin boost from the 10% petite sirah, a fairly common practice in red wine. The wine is a beautiful deep blood-red and the bottling in black, gray and red gives it a classic, but slightly spooky appearance on the shelf – you won’t miss the bottle once you know what to look for.

Zynthesis Old Vine Lodi 2011 $36 Zin Witch 3 County Blend 2006 $37
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